Liz’s Travel Teaching Details

Thank you for your interest in my teaching a seminar for your group. I would enjoy teaching for you. I hope this information is helpful in your planning.

1. Teaching fee $500 per day: Based on a class size of 20 students with an additional $20/ student over the 20 students.

Seminars are for a minimum of 3 day unless with in a 3 hr drive from Artful Endeavors.

I usually will travel to teach within a 5 hr drive of Raleigh NC.

2. Classes start at 9am and continue until 5p with a one-hour lunch break. The projects selected will determine the length of time necessary to complete the piece.

3. Additional Expenses:

Travel: For seminars within a reasonable driving distance there is a mileage charge at the current IRS rate.

Lodging: Lodging fees will include the arrival night before and/or the departure day after a full day seminar where driving after the seminar does not put me on the road too late.

Meals: Meals should be provided.

Incidental Expenses: The seminar host is responsible for shipping charges for samples, or instruction packets.

4. A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your seminar dates and will be applied to the total expenses. This deposit is non-refundable. You must cancel your seminar 30 days in advance in order to avoid payment of the minimum teaching fee. Your totals for teaching fees and additional expenses must be paid on the final day of the seminar. If I am not able for any reason to fulfill my seminar obligations, I will send your deposit refund immediately.

5. Project selection: Projects will be selected from photos on my web site or sent in advance.  You should narrow your selections down to present them to your chapter or group.

6. Project Preparation: Supply lists, base coating instructions and line drawing patterns will be sent to you in advance of the seminar so that the students will be prepared for class. I’ll bring photos with me. Packets plus one photo are included in the teaching fee. Additional photos will be $1.00/ photo.

7. Supplies: I will provide my own supplies and surface for demonstrations. Shop/chapters/individuals will provide all necessary supplies and surfaces for completion of each individual’s project.  I use mostly DecoArt paints and products.

8. Teaching Aids: Please provide a setup/demonstration table. It would be appreciated if all students would be provided with and wear name tags. Any live video feed is greatly appreciated but not required.  


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