Online Workshops

Wednesday Workshops

Through my workshops I hope to inspire your creativity while challenging you to increase your knowledge and skills. Workshops are offered weekly to allow time for homework and learning. Critiques are encouraged and offered weekly. I’ll teach the art theory and technique for each painting. Each time you take a workshop you are stretching your painting skill and increasing your knowledge. Classes are the way we as artists stay stimulated.

Our workshop is available to begin as a YouTube Live Video class. As a live class you can watch or paint along. You can ask questions in comments as I’m painting. I’ll watch the comments and try to answer questions during the class. Any questions I don’t catch during the demo I will answer later. The video will post on YouTube as a video after the Live presentation so you have access to it and can replay as many times as you would like. If you don’t have time to join us for the Live Video Class and you have registered, you can watch the video by following the class link at your convenience.

  • When you register you’ll be sent written instructions, pattern, and photo by email. Be sure to register by 12 noon the day before the Live stream so that there is time to email prep to you before class. If you register the day of class I’ll send you class material after the live class.
  • At the Live class time follow the class link, sign in to YouTube, and send a comment to say hi.
  • Be prepared if you plan to paint along. Or watch and come back to paint with the recorded video.
  • You can register at a later day and still enjoy the entire workshop as video.

The class will not post on the Artful Endeavors page and only registered participants will have access to the workshop page. When you register for the class you will be agreeing to not share the class with anyone not registered. Fees help to pay studio rent and keep a roof over it for when our Sawmill Studio classes resume.

Face Book Video Workshops

Join our Face Book video workshops at any time and view at your convenience.

When you register for a workshop you are sent an invitation to join on Face Book. Accept the invitation to access the videos. Instructions, photo, and line drawing as well as an invitation to the class is sent by email. You must have a Face Book account to join the class group

The video is available for you to watch as many times as you would like, rewind, and view again. Ask questions in comments and I’ll answer or you can send me an email. Enjoy!

Things you might wonder about our Video Workshops:

πŸ–Œ 1. Did you know that you can still take the workshop even if you missed the Live? You can; the videos are available in the workshop group and you can join any of the classes at any time.
πŸ–Œ 2. Think the workshops are too hard for you? Not true. Each class is appropriate for all levels. I teach the art theory which applies at any level and the techniques just build on ones you already know. Every time you paint you increase your skill. What you paint each time will be better than what you painted before.
πŸ–Œ 3. Each time you take a workshop you are stretching your painting skill and knowledge. Classes are the way we as artists stay stimulated.
πŸ–Œ 4. Each of our Artful Endeavors workshop addresses a new challenge and reinforces previous skills and knowledge.
πŸ–Œ 5. You have to miss one of the Live sessions; It’s OK because the video is there for you whenever you are ready. Go ahead and register.
πŸ–Œ 6. You can’t paint as fast as I do in the Live session? It’s OK. Many of the painters like to watch the Live and use the video to paint since you can stop and start the videos at your own speed.
πŸ–Œ 7. You aren’t a Face Book expert. Don’t worry. I’ll help you get into the workshop and answer questions.
πŸ“Œ Plan to join us and learn. πŸŽ¨πŸ–Œ
Oh, and watch for our next requested workshops! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

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