Answers You Might Like

Things you might wonder about our Video Workshops:

🖌 1. Did you know that you can still take the workshop even if you missed the Live? You can; the videos are available in the workshop group and you can join any of the classes at any time.
🖌 2. Think the workshops are too hard for you? Not true. Each class is appropriate for all levels. I teach the art theory which applies at any level and the techniques just build on ones you already know. Every time you paint you increase your skill. What you paint each time will be better than what you painted before.
🖌 3. Each time you take a workshop you are stretching your painting skill and knowledge. Classes are the way we as artists stay stimulated.
🖌 4. Each of our Artful Endeavors workshop addresses a new challenge and reinforces previous skills and knowledge.

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