New Basic Decorative Painting Technique Classes

Basic Techniques Yellow Daisy clock Session 1

Basic Techniques
Yellow Daisy clock
Session 1

I’ve designed a new series of workshops to introduce basic decorative painting in acrylic techniques to new painters, but they will also be good technique refreshers and enhancers to you experienced painters. Each painter will be encouraged to work at their own level. 

Individuals have been asking me about learning more basic technique to establish a good foundation for our decorative painting. There are some beginning level techniques that our paintings are base upon knowing and we will be covering this information in these classes as well as using them.

These classes are especially designed for those of you who have asked about starting basic technique classes.  In each class we’ll work on specific skills and paint a subject that involves that skill. It’s best if you can take the workshops in order but not imperative.  Each session will build on previously sessions.  We’ll complete a small painting in each class. 

Classes start in July.

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