Let’s Have Some Painting Fun

Acrylic Painting Play Day!  Introduction to Acrylic Painting

Waiting to Hatch 8 x 10"

Waiting to Hatch
8 x 10″

June 7, Tue am 10a-1p  or June 8, Wed pm 6p-9p


Join us for a fun session of acrylic painting. I’ll have all the supplies and surface ready for you to paint our Waiting To Hatch, bird’s nest.

No experience is necessary, just the desire to learn some painting techniques and have fun. I’ll teach this project in a step by step manner that is easy to follow.

Bring a friend or several and let’s enjoy a morning or evening of painting.

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Push, Cross Over, and 20 Times.

If you know what that means then you have learned about side loading your brush from me either at one of my studio classes or one of my online classes.

And, you have improved your side loading and floating. Once you have the hang of side loading correctly it’s such an easy and convenient technique for adding volume and depth to your designs.  And quick.

So many painters moan and groan when you mention side loading that I realized that it was just not being taught in a logical manner so that they understood the technique.

My students asked such good questions about why my SL technique was successful that I had to really think about what I was doing that worked. And I did. When my students use the technique correctly they are successful also. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get lazy some times and get sloppy. But cleaning up the technique will bring us right back.

Here is an example of floating glazes with a SL that I painted from a beautiful Gretchen Cagle design.

From a beautifull Gretchen Cagle design.

From a beautiful Gretchen Cagle design.

If you would like to find out about my technique for SL to learn or improve your technique, you’ll find my Mastering Decorative Painting Basics #2 video class on Creative Workshops where I break it down in a step by step manner for you.  I’ll be glad to demonstrate as many times as you would like. And then it’s just practice.

Remember push, cross over, and blend 20 times.

Good SL to you!


Let’s Begin

Daisies in a ring with a beautiful mottled blue background.  Every painting different but each with a common design lesson.  Starting with a simple coma stroke we can create a multitude of design details.  In the first lesson of decorative painting basics we’ll begin learning brush control right away while creating a colorful painting.  The added element is your own personal creative style and preferences.

Basic Techniques Yellow Daisy clock Session 1

Basic Techniques
Yellow Daisy clock
Session 1

I’m starting new students with our Basics In Decorative Painting projects.  You can join us too, either on Tues am, 10am – 12:30p, or Wed evening, 6p-8:30p.  You’ll work at your own pace since I’m adding new students as they are able to begin. Join our community of existing students who will inspire and encourage you. Both classes will have students working on other projects as you begin your artistic journey.

Continue with Basics 2 where we’ll work on side loading for shading and creating volume with our colorful berries.

Berry Sampler

Berry Sampler

These classes are also appropriate for painters who haven’t painted with us or who would like to build their skill level.  You will be working at your own pace.

Give me a call to plan your start date.  More details…..and to register.