It it Spring Yet?

What’s next at Artful Endeavors workshops? We’re thing of warmer weather and enjoying the outside. Just to be ready when it gets here paintings are turning to the change in seasons.

Come join the fun!

🎨 Our Monday in-person class at Creative Exchange Rolesville is making plans to PAINT THEIR DOG, on canvas that is. Each painter will work from a photo of their dog. We’ll work on common elements and then work individually on hair and details. More information.

Feb 27 & March 6. 10:30a – 2p. Acrylic.

🎨March 13 & 20. RABBIT IN THE GRASS. Thinking of spring.


More information and register on the Artful Endeavors web site.

Rabbit in the Grass
Oregon Inlet Lifesaving Station

Wed Workshop, online. 11a-1p

Classes are taught live on Zoom and recorded on YouTube for student’s later reference.

🎨 Feb 22 & March 1, RABBIT IN THE GRASS. acrylic. More information.

🎨 March 8 & 15, OREGON INLET LIFESAVING STATION. More information.

More information and registration on the Artful Endeavors web site.

Adjusting to On Line Classes

I have to be careful of what I wish for. I’ve wanted time to figure out how to have live on line classes. Well I’ve been forced into it now that we can’t have studio classes. There are good things about our current “safe mode”. Our Face Book Live classes have been successful so far; at least the students seem to like what we’re doing. It’s been a work in progress, figuring out the working details as we go, and there are still bug to fix, but we have had classes. Students have been great as they demonstrate patience and understanding of our new method of having classes. This is new to all of us and we’re learning together.

So far we’ve focused on acrylic landscapes using DecoArt Americana paints but we’re going to branch out into other mediums and subjects.

When we’re ready to start studio classes again for local students and seminars for students that travel to our area we can still have the Face Book Live classes for students that aren’t about to be at the studio with us. And that’s a good thing.

The advantage to using Face Book Live is that when I finish the live video, the class is immediately available for students to view as many times as they would like. It’s always nice to go back to see what you missed the first time through. And students can join the class at any time because the video class is available.

Plan to join us on Face Book for some painting fun.

Here’s just a peak at my video studio for now.

Artful Endeavors is Closed for Now!

I’m so sorry to have to say this. I miss our painting time together but we have to stay safe. Since we are not considered essential (I know some of us think we are, me included) we are not having classes until things are considered safe.

I’m looking into other ways we can have painting time. I to hope to figure out something about video classes perhaps or just posting more videos. Stay tuned to see if I can figure it out. Anyone have a 6yr old I can borrow to tell me how to do the tech?

I hope you will get time to paint at home. Isn’t that what we all wish for? More painting time. I’ve been trying to catch up, work on taxes, and help get more kitties rescued but painting is on my to-do list. And organize my stash corner of the studio!!

Make sure you are on our mailing list to get studio updates, see what I’m discovering about video classes, and what I’m painting…so many paintings on my want-to-do list. You can sign up for the news letter in the left hand column here or email mail me at

Stay safe and create!


December at Artful Endeavors

Here we are at the end of 2019. I can’t believe that time goes so fast. I do believe that time speeds up the older we get.

We’ve been discussing project plans for 2020 and have some exciting ideas. I’m finishing up Christmas paintings and am working on the schedule for the new year. I hope to have it posted soon. So many ideas! And I plan to have several workshops throughout the year that I will be teaching. I have some ideas but if you have a request let me know. 

We’ll have Ros back July 22-25 and most likely Kathie will be back in Nov to share with us. Mark your calendar and plan to join us.

But before we get to next year, our Dec schedule for our 10-2p class plans to experiment with watercolors starting tomorrow. We’ve talked about snow scenes and this could be a small painting or a card. And we’ve talked about landscapes in a loose style. Bring your watercolors and painting supplies. I have lots of fun mark makers such as plastic wrap, cheese cloth, string, ….  Don’t forget your imagination and we’ll just have fun creating. This is a 2 wk class.

Our 4-6p class will paint Peggy Harris’ holiday bird ornaments. If you would like to join us just order and download the ornament patterns, they come 2 in a packet, and we’ll concentrate on 2 of the designs. You choose which 2 you want. I have ornaments, 4” paper Mache’, if you need ornaments. We’ll have some fun with the backgrounds. Think fluffy and we’ll paint these cuties. 2 wks.

That will bring us up to our 2 wk holiday break. I always plan to do some catching up but somehow that never works. We’ll see. Classes resume Wed, Jan 8, 2020 (doesn’t that sound strange, 2020)

Our Welcome Back to Painting party is Jan 5th, 1-4p. I’m encouraging our students to bring paintings they would like to show, bring an easel if you have one, and we’ll have an art show. Spread the word among your friends and family, bring them with you. You can bring a goodie to share too. I’ll have class preps and samples to show. It’s always so nice to see everyone after the break and share stories and plans for the upcoming year.

I hope to see you on Wed and for sure at our Jan party. Have a wonderful month full of friends and family, and maybe just a little quiet time just for you.

Thanks for being here and sharing my passion for art and painting. I’ll look forward to more creative time with you in the new year.


We’re Back Online!

It’s taken me awhile with such a busy summer planned for the studio but we finally have out web site back. I’m in the process of updating the schedule and the site so please keep checking back to see what’s new.

Mark Menendez Seminar

It’s almost time for our color pencil seminar with Mark. We have a lively crew of students looking forward to our time with Mark. Everyone should have their pencil list and instructions for finding a head and shoulder photo to works from. Mark is bring a couple photos just in case you didn’t find one yourself. Get ready for fun and learning.

Our seminars with Mark Polomchak and Ros Stallcup were successful and inspiring. I’ll have photos for you so check back.

We have new classes planned for this month and the fall that we are all looking forward to: Santa in his workshop, signs of autumn, and of course more exploration of all the mediums that we’ve enjoyed this year. Watch the schedule and plan to join us.

What Happened to April!!

Wow, April was here and then it was gone! And we’re well into May. And all the fun May and summer painting experiences. Always something new!

Here’s the update:

We’ve made a few changes in our weekly schedules so be sure to check the web site for schedules.

Wed am classes for the next 2 wks is an open class. Need to finish one of your creations, want some assist working through a new one, this is that class.

I you missed one of the projects that we painted this spring, check the Wed 4-6p classes. They have scheduled some of our favorites including the colored pencil house finch, the acrylic lake, and the pastel Italian sail boat.

House Finch Colored Pencil A Liz Miller Design

House Finch Colored Pencil
A Liz Miller Design

Cary has scheduled the Green Door acrylic on textured watercolor paper, the colored pencil wrens, and the pen and ink continuous line drawing and watercolor Olive Walk.Green-Door

This Friday is our Pet Portrait workshop. Contact me today or tomorrow to talk about photo, prep, and to register.

Summer Seminars!

Don’t miss this summer at Artful Endeavors with 3 terrific teachers coming to share their talents with us. Next year’s seminar schedule will be entirely different so don’t miss this summer’s opportunities.

Mark Polomchak,  June 28, 29, and 30:   Mark is wonderful sharing his skills and humor with all levels of painters. Don’t have watercolor experience? Not a problem. This is the watercolor seminar for you.                Single days are now available. Details and to register.#158 SEASCAPE AND MIST

Ros Stallcup, July 24-27: Always fun and creative, Ros will be back with us with her entirely new designs, our southern country theme.                                Single days are now available. Details and to register.Porch Time

Mark Menendez, Aug 23-24: We’re excited that Mark will be sharing his colored pencil portrait techniques with us. Mark is an excellent teacher, presenting information in an easy to understand and fun manner.  Register now!


Are you following us on Face Book? You can find ideas, class photos, student’s work, information, and more. And you don’t even have to use Face Book to see us. Did you like the Iris?

Plan to join us and let me hear from you soon. We’re going to have an artfully fun summer at Artful Endeavors.


Looking For Values

Iris 2019Let’s look for values, the amount of lightness or darkness, in my iris. The sun was shining so we have a wide range of values.
Remember that we are not talking about colors.
First, from what direction was the sun shining on the flower?
Where are the lightest lights? Where are the darkest darks?
Where are our midtones?
We have a lot of cast shadows, shadows that are created by another part of the flower blocking the sun from areas.
We also have shape forming shadows. Do you see them? They help the flower have shape and dimension.
Isn’t this flower amazingly beautiful!

Spring and Summer Workshops

We’ve been working on our schedule to include some different mediums and techniques that we’ve wanted to play with. Note the dates because we’ve changed some of them. Plan to join us. Just let Liz know ahead of time to plan for supplies and subject.

Batik Play-days! Join us for some Batik fun whether experienced or a novice.  10am-2p.

Experienced students will work mostly on their own. If you are new to batik Liz will teach the technique and help you choose an appropriated project from Kathie George designs.

March 18, 2019, Monday


March 29, Pen and ink with watercolors. 10am – 3p. We’ve seen such beautiful loose designs using this mixed medium combination that we’re ready to create our own. Register by March 18, 2019.

May 10, Pet Portraits. 10am – 3p.  Bring a photo of your pet or one you choose to paint and join us. This class will focus on capturing the personality of your pet. More details.  Register by April 19, 2019. Show Liz your photo selection and discuss prep.  $70


Register now!

Conveying Impressions

Medium, definition: the material or form used by an artist; the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses; a liquid (e.g., oil or water) with which pigments are mixed to make paint; a means by which something is communicated or expressed (that fits, right?)

And we have been on a journey exploring different mediums this year and having such fun. All the art theory applies, it’s just learning to use the medium that is the excitement. It’s how we are exploring, gaining knowledge and learning to apply the art experience we already have to a different medium.

We started the year with our usual favorite, acrylics, but exploring how to create a mist or fog effect with our paints using glazes and layers. And they turned out very foggy just as we wanted.


Tree in the Fog, Liz Miller CDA

Tree in Fog, Pat, Donna, AnitaNext we have been playing with colored pencil this month, first with a House Finch design of mine House Finchand now each student has chosen a design they would like to create with assistance from me. I can’t wait to see the results. Again we are stretching our knowledge and learning to work with a new medium for most of us. What fun! I’m getting comments from students saying that they love colored pencils.


Italian Sailboat pastel

Italian Sailboat, Liz Miller CDA design

Next month we’ll continue our explorations of pastels which some of the students have sampled and enjoyed. We worked on Kay Witt’s awesome fox and our creations were also wonderful and exciting. I’ve just finishes an Italian Sailboat design that I think was lots of fun. We’ll start work on that on March 6. 

Plan to join us on our mediums explorations and exercise your mind. We have more acrylic and watercolor classes coming up! Keep watching the schedule.

Ros Stallcup Seminar at Artful Endeavors 2019

We’re excited that Ros is coming back to teach for us again in 2019. 

Dates are July 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2019


Register now for our summer 2019 4 day workshop with Ros Stallcup. We always have such fun learning from Ros as she teaches 4 entirely new projects.

This year we’ll work on 4 square canvases painting designs that can be used together as a collection or individually.

It’s a south east country collection with

a barn, porch, still life, and floral.

You can register for all 4 day now for a price break until March 1. $260 for the 4 days

after March 1 $280 for 4 days

Individual days will be available April 15.

Register Now!

Ros 4 days early registration: $260 

No deposits accepted.

Ros-painting Pumpkin-group Emiko-Lynn-Ros-Bev Group-web