New Look for the Web Site

Have you tried accessing the web site recently? We were down over the weekend until this am! Not good. It looked like I was going to have to start all over designing another web site but my server team came through for me. Thank goodness. Now I just need to adjust the web site so you may see some changes over the next week or so.

Meanwhile, back in the studio I completed my latest paintings.  Here is Noggin coming up starting tomorrow morning. He was a sweet cat that I picked up on the road after he was hit in the head by a car, thus the name.  Ginger Edwards asked for the photo that my husband had taken of Noggin to paint and teach. She then sent me the painting, one of my treasures. And now here is my version of Ginger’s painting of my husband’s photo of Noggin.



August Class Update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to remind you that there are no classes this week. I’m taking a little time off to catch my breath after our terrific seminar with Ros. We had a great time and have lots of ideas for next year’s seminar.  I’m keeping a list of those of you who are interested in Ros newest book coming out in Aug and who can pick them up at the studio. Anyone not local can order from Ros’ web site.


Ducks in a Row Mixed Media with powdered dyes.

Ducks in a Row
Mixed Media with powdered dyes.

Now it’s time to register for our seminar with Kathie George coming up in Nov with 3 awesome watercolor and mixed media fun paintings. Kathie is always coming up with something new.  Check the web site for details and to register.


Classes start again next week so be sure to check the web site for upcoming classes. We’re holding a parent-child class on Tue 8/6, 1p-3p, painting the Bodie lighthouse. There’s still time to join us. All supplies are included and no prep. If you missed this painting just adults are welcome also.


We’re painting the Iris on Tue evening in Cary, but if you want to paint it in Raleigh, we’re working on it on Wed afternoons, 2-4p.


There’s still a little time to register for my Rope Swing class at the ArtFling, Aug 18. Please contact me by Aug 7 so that I can be prepared for you. Gail is excited and packing to come join us.

Garden Shed

Garden Shed


Our Trudy Beard, Garden Cottage has been reschedule for Aug 28, 6-9p so there’s still time to join us. This is the 4th

session in our basic techniques series and anyone can join us.


We’re planning another basic techniques series for fall during the day, Tue am probably. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll add your name to the list.


Exciting new info: Creative Workshops is moving to a new site and Gail has been working hard to make it terrific and simple to navigate.  We’ll be on the new site in Sept so if the current site is down just check back later, Gail’s at work.  So my on line classes will have a new home.  You can still join my on line classes at any time so be sure to check me out at Creative Workshops.  I’ll be working on new on line classes this fall.


You can register for Artful Endeavors classes on the web site/on line or by check.


Be sure to check for schedule changes, you know we’re good at rearranging.


See you at the studio soon!





August at Artful Endeavors


A few important notes for you:

·        We’re painting with Ros next week so there are no regular classes.  The following week I am taking off for a short break to catch my breath.  Classes will resume on Aug 6 & 7.  Tue open class resumes on Aug 6. Let me know if you plan to join us.

·        We have lots of fun painting planned for Aug so be sure to plan ahead.  You can register for all the classes on line or at the studio.




  Wed am starts the Wolf on Aug 7 so be sure to get your prep this week. He’s a handsome fellow I think.  Register now.

·        Wed pm continues with Basics on Aug 7 with Trudy Beard’s Garden Shed.  We’ll be using lots of good refresher techniques and finishing a delightful painting in our 3 hrs.  Anyone can join us for some painting fun.  Register this week.

·        Wed afternoon, 2p-4p, painters are working on the Iris in our open class. If you want to paint this beautiful design join us either this week, tomorrow, or Aug 7 .  Get your prep this week.

·        Our Cary classes are moving in Aug. So far we are painting the Iris at Linda’s house.  If you are interested in joining us



starting Aug 13, contact me to register and get directions.

·        ArtFling update:  If you can’t resist joining us for Gail’s Gelli Print class, and I hope you can’t resist, please register by July 30. Gail needs to order our Gelli mats so that we’ll be prepared.  Plan on joining my nostalgic, misty morning, Rope Swing class too. I won’t teach this project again for at least 6 mo. So don’t pass up this opportunity.  Don’t’ forget to register by July 30.  Did I mention that you should register by July 30?

Gelli Class

Gelli Class

·        It’s also time to register for the Cobalt and Hydrangeas if you haven’t do so already. This will be the last time I’ll teach this project for about a year.  Register by Aug 23.

·        We’ve schedule another parent/child class for Aug 6, that’s Tue afternoon, 1p-3p. We’re painting a light house! Plan to join us. Register by contacting me by the end of July.


Hope to see you at our air-conditioned studio in Aug!



Liz Miller CDA

Artful Endeavors

200 Sawmill Rd, Suite 201

Raleigh NC 27615


Practice Tips For Strokes and Line Work:

Practice Tip For Strokes and Line Work:

Stroke practice

Stroke practice

It’s more fun to practice stroke work if you give yourself the project of creating different stroke borders. Each time come up with a different border using various brushes, strokes, and embellishments. Save these borders as future reference. Explore your creativity with borders and stroke embellishments.

You can use any paper for practicing your strokes and line work.  Some paper is very porous and has a lot of drag to it so just use plenty of paint.

One good idea for practicing is to use “write on” transparency film which you can find at any office supply store.  The film will stroke very smoothly and you can just wipe the paint off if you do this before it dries.  If you would like to save your practice for reference all it to dry.  These sheets will fit into sheet protectors to keep in a notebook.

Transparency film is good for trying out colors or placement for something like a ribbon or a stroke border.  Place the film over your surface, paint with a possible choice of color or technique, and see if you like it or want to try something different.

Enjoy practicing.


Our Paint Your Pet class

Our awesome artists.

Here are  the paintings our awesome students created today in our paint your pet class. Each student brought a photo of a pet to work from. We started learning about common elements such as eyes and noses and worked from there.  I think they painted some wonderful animals.

Melissa's cat.

Janet's dog.

Mary's dog.

And here is my painting of Rocky that I completed today. He’s a handsome fellow.

Rocky by Liz Miller CDA

Rocky by Liz Miller CDA