Ros Stallcup Seminar at Artful Endeavors 2019

We’re excited that Ros is coming back to teach for us again in 2019. 

Dates are July 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2019


Register now for our summer 2019 4 day workshop with Ros Stallcup. We always have such fun learning from Ros as she teaches 4 entirely new projects.

This year we’ll work on 4 square canvases painting designs that can be used together as a collection or individually.

It’s a south east country collection with

a barn, porch, still life, and floral.

You can register for all 4 day now for a price break until March 1. $260 for the 4 days

after March 1 $280 for 4 days

Individual days will be available April 15.

Register Now!

Ros 4 days early registration: $260 

No deposits accepted.

Ros-painting Pumpkin-group Emiko-Lynn-Ros-Bev Group-web





Paint Your Cat Party for Purr Partners

Date: Fri, Feb 22, 6-9p        at   Artful Endeavors   with Liz Miller

Barbara-webClass cost $45/participant

All supplies and surface will be provided.

No experience needed.

Bring your own wine and snack to share

Come join us for an evening of fun where you will paint the face of your own cat on an 8×10” canvas. Don’t have a cat? Purr Partners has many kitties you can paint.  No experience is needed, just the desire to enjoy the experience with friends.

Bring a photo of your cat face for coloring. We’ll use a pattern for the face so no drawing is required.  All supplies and surface are provided.

And we’ll party, so bring a bottle of wine and a snack to share.

Proceeds from our workshop go to Purr Partners Feline Rescue for the benefit of our cats.

Register Now!  $45 

Or mail your check to Liz Miller,

Artful Endeavors 200 Sawmill Rd, Suite 201, Raleigh, NC 27615



Artistic Mud Pies

As much fun as making mud pies!  Remember those day when you were a kid?  My Grandmother had a wonderful muddy area after the rain where I could create till my heart was content. Always exciting.

We’re adding a little something new to our painting adventures, Play Days.  On our play days we’ll gather to explore a new technique idea, new product, old idea revisited, or anything else we come up with.  I won’t do as much teaching as sharing our creative idea for the day and we’ll all experiment with this concept.  It’s always interesting to see how others develop their version of the same concept, product, or idea. Let’s share our creative spirits and explore our creativity.

Our first Play Day is Feb 28, Friday, 10a-2p. Creating masks for watercolor or acrylic washes.  We’ll use our original photos to create masks and use washes to bring out our design elements. Look for a photo or photos that you can easily reduce to black and white, only these two values. I’ll furnish the paints and the watercolor paper.  You bring your imaginations. All levels, experience not required to share our experience.

Register now!

You can see more detail in my previous post, Watercolor Moo………….

Cow Abstract watercolor

Cow Abstract watercolor

Watercolor Mooooo….

I’ve been playing around with a watercolor technique where I reduce a photo down to black and white, increase contrast to the max, and just have fun with washes.  I was pleased my with cow design from a photo that my husband had taken.  Here is the original photo so you can see some of my progression.

I plan to make a video of this design and offer it on Creative Workshops.

You can see this photo on Rick’s web site plus many more of his art photos.

Cow by Rick Watd

Cow by Rick Watd

Cow black and white by Rick Ward

Cow black and white by Rick Ward

Cow Abstract watercolor

Cow Abstract watercolor


A Halloween Treat!!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

It’s a beautiful fall day with colorful trees and very pleasant weather here today.  It’s a perfect Halloween eve.

I have a Halloween treat for you. It’s directions for my spooky owl pen.

Spooky Owl Pin    A Liz Miller CDA design

You can use your favorite colors but here are some of the ones that I’ve used:

DecoArt Americana: Lamp Black, Raw Umber, Butterscotch, Warm White, Marigold, Irish Moss, Tangerine, and Burnt Sienna.

The blank is available at my studio or you can order from Viking Woodcrafts if you can’t drop by my studio.

Spooky Owl Pin

Spooky Owl Pin

Let’s Paint a Spooky Owl in a Tree:

I used a flat Bringle Blender to scuff in the tree using the chisel edge of the brush and RU.  Then use Butterscotch and a very little Butterscotch + WW to lighten the left side of the trunk and branches. I then added a little scuffed in Tangerine to accent the light side and middle of trunk.  Use a side loaded flat to darken the right side of trunk with Black. Of course the hole in the base of the tree is painted black.  The spider webs are also painted black.  Dry and then pattern your owl.

Using a #0 liner dab in the owl with RU to create fluffy feathers.  Begin to fluff in the lighter feathers by adding WW to your dirty brush. Notice the light feather on the face and details on the head and body. Don’t forget the tail feathers.  Lighten the face by adding more WW to your dirty brush.  Eyes are Marigold and shaded at the top with BS when dry. Outline them with RU.  Pupils are black with a WW glint.  Beak is RU with a WW glint.  I added a little dabbed in BS under the chin and at the base of the tail.  Add a few WW claws to hold onto the branch that you add with your tree colors.  Add any other owl like detail that you would like.

To finish up dry brush a little WW on the spider webs and touch in some Tangerine eyes inside the hollow of the tree with black pupils and WW glints.  I then flick up some grass at the base of the tree with Irish Moss, a nice spooky bright green color, using my flat blender.

Dry and spray with DecoArt Triple Thick spray several times allowing plenty of dry time between sprays. Remember not to touch the varnish to check dryness unless you would like to leave a nice finger print for later ID purposes.  When dry glue a pin back to your painted treasure and enjoy wearing.



Have a spooky time painting this project.  We still have some fall season to enjoy this little pen.

You are welcome to teach this design but be sure to give me credit for the design.

Watch for a winter version of this design coming up soon!


New Look for the Web Site

Have you tried accessing the web site recently? We were down over the weekend until this am! Not good. It looked like I was going to have to start all over designing another web site but my server team came through for me. Thank goodness. Now I just need to adjust the web site so you may see some changes over the next week or so.

Meanwhile, back in the studio I completed my latest paintings.  Here is Noggin coming up starting tomorrow morning. He was a sweet cat that I picked up on the road after he was hit in the head by a car, thus the name.  Ginger Edwards asked for the photo that my husband had taken of Noggin to paint and teach. She then sent me the painting, one of my treasures. And now here is my version of Ginger’s painting of my husband’s photo of Noggin.



From My Easel

How I spent my 4th of July.  No computer, no phone, no students and the fireworks were on my painting.  Here’s the result of a glorious day of painting.

This class is coming up in August.   We’ll learn about developing our center of interest using color and line.

I love the colors in this painting with the reds supporting and bringing out the greys of the wolf.  The lines created by the limbs and twigs brings your eye to the center of interest, the wolf’s face and eyes.  We’ll use glazes to bring out the color harmony and details to enhance our center of interest.

Plan to join us if you want some exciting creative time.



Invite Liz to teach for your Chapter

Invite me to teach for your Chapter.

I’d love to visit you and share any of my knowledge about art and design.  I am a DecoArt Helping Artist and DecoArt graciously provides paint and products for us to use during my seminars.

Check out details of my travel teaching information and see project samples.

Contact me!

Under The Maple Liz Miller CDA

Under The Maple
Liz Miller CDA