I’m Impressed

Our recent Color Pencil Portrait seminar with Mark Menendez was a huge success. Mark, besides being a wonderful teacher and artist, is so patient and very organized in his presentation. I was so impressed with the student’s portraits. Many students had not ventured into colored pencil portraits before… just so impressive. Mark was a true inspiration for all of us.

Mark taught us that you don’t learn to be good at art by talent alone but by practice. And that’s what we’ll do. Plan to join us at Artful Endeavors.

Ros Stallcup Seminar at Artful Endeavors 2019

We’re excited that Ros is coming back to teach for us again in 2019. 

Dates are July 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2019


Register now for our summer 2019 4 day workshop with Ros Stallcup. We always have such fun learning from Ros as she teaches 4 entirely new projects.

This year we’ll work on 4 square canvases painting designs that can be used together as a collection or individually.

It’s a south east country collection with

a barn, porch, still life, and floral.

You can register for all 4 day now for a price break until March 1. $260 for the 4 days

after March 1 $280 for 4 days

Individual days will be available April 15.

Register Now!

Ros 4 days early registration: $260 

No deposits accepted.

Ros-painting Pumpkin-group Emiko-Lynn-Ros-Bev Group-web





Jan Update

Doorway 1

Doorway 1

Just a few update notes for you. I need to get back to some painting.

  • As you know we missed a Tue class for the weather so be sure to check the changed dates for classes.
  • We’re enjoying our Wed day, Doorway class so much that we’ve decided to add another week for a second door, The Blue Doorway. So be sure to check these dates also. Those of you who missed this week’s class can come next Wed for the first week of your doorway class.
  • We’ve added a class to our Wed evening schedule, Side-loading 202.  A good opportunity for a refresher. Plan to join us on Feb 5th.
  • I’m adding more workshop and “Play Day” classes. Be sure to check for these. What’s a play day? Check the workshop schedule.
  • Be sure to check the seminar info for our July seminar with Ros!  Mark your calendar and register now.
  • Paints are restocked and the rack is full. I also received a shipment of canvases and art boards.
  • I’ve received a shipment from DecoArt of their new Chalky Finish Paints and new stencils.  These new 2014 products are not available for purchase yet, so we are favored to have them to play with this quick.  And they are wonderful.  Classes are planned to explore them. Ros will be using some of them in her seminar projects too.
  • Gail Schmidt was asked by DecoArt to design some mixed media projects for them and for us. The first of these using DecoArt products is on their web site now!
    Check it out!
  • And lastly, please remember to pay/register for your class at least a week prior to the class. You’ll receive your prep when I receive your class fee.  If people don’t pay they don’t have a tendency to show up for the class.  Thanks much.


Painting with Kathie George

We sure did pack in the painting with Kathie during our 3 days this year, each day different new techniques and skills.  I’ve painted with Kathie, learning batik, but each time I paint with her I learn something new, and this year was no exception.  And Kathie is such a patient, sharing person, giving her time and talents to everyone of us at her class. Once more a successful seminar.

And Kathie is taking some lucky painters on  a painting holiday to South Africa next April 12 -23, 2014.  Be sure to check out the details on Kathie’s web site.  You might just want to join her.


Here a just a few moments from our seminar. I was so absorbed with my painting that I didn’t get photos the first 2 days so here is our last day of fun. Love the ducks and the dyes. We’re making plans for more dye projects. What fun.  Notice the concentration and then smiles with the completed paintings.

web-KG13-8  web-KG13-2  web-KG13-4  web-KG13-6







Today’s Inspiration

I just took some time to read and learn. Forget the “to do” list and enjoyed learning from some other artists. What inspiration! Now my mind is into “what if I tried this or I want to try that technique”. My day just became a lot more fun. Thanks Kathie George/Watermedia Workshops and Nancy Medina Art Studio my inspiration for today.

If you don’t follow Kathie you really should. Keep scrolling down on her blog to find her wonderful lessons and tips.
Nancy Medina is a wonderful inspiration also for forgetting that word “perfect” that really doesn’t exist in art anyway.

·        Kathie George seminar is coming up quickly. We still have some seats if you would like to join us. I have the prep and patterns at the studio if you have already registered. We have some exciting new techniques and lots of fun planned with Kathie. 

Register Now!


Ducks in a Row Mixed Media with powdered dyes.

Ducks in a Row
Mixed Media with powdered dyes.

Shell Weave Watercolor with cheese cloth accents.

Shell Weave
Watercolor with cheese cloth accents.

Cat in the Snow

Cat in the Snow

Summer Painting Excitement 2013

We’ve had a fun and busy summer at Artful Endeavors filled with seminars, workshops, and classes all exploring new subjects and techniques.  I’ve added just a few photos here for our reminiscences.  Notice all the smiles.

Please check our seminar pages for more of out photos for Ros’ seminar and ArtFling.

Cat's Eyes

Cat’s Eyes


Our parent/grandparent and child class.

Colored Pencil Class

Colored Pencil Class

Cobalt and Hydrangeas

Cobalt and Hydrangeas



Night Vision workshop

Night Vision workshop

Cary painting

Cary painting

Our awesome Cary painters

Our awesome Cary painters

Our awesome artists.

Our awesome artists.

Paint Your Pet

Paint Your Pet


ArtFling 2013 Painting with Liz


Summer ArtFling 2013


Summer ArtFling 2013 with Gail Schmidt


Ros Stallcup seminar

This Week at Artful Endeavors

Artful Endeavors Update


I just got back in town this afternoon from teaching a terrific group of women in the DC chapter. We had good time painting and they treated me royally. We painted the leaf trilogy, chickadee and dogwood, and Under the Maple, so lots of techniques and lot of painting to do, but, they were up to the challenge.

It’s now fall with a little nip in the air, at least today. Our upcoming painting schedule is filled with fall and holiday projects.


I’m now reorganizing my “to do” list, so here it is:

  • ·         Paint upcoming class samples
  • ·         Continue to get all the information on our web site again and add on line payments
  • ·         Get our Kathie George seminar organized and registration together


  • ·         Finish up projects for the State Fair and deliver between Oct 10-13
  • ·         Work on projects with our Cary group during this weekend’s retreat
  • ·         Figure out what to demo for the Litchford Health and Rehab residents on Thursday
  • ·         Enjoy the fall weather!


That should get me through the next week and a half.


More notes:

  • ·         Our last cat and pumpkin key ornament class is this coming Wed at 5:30-8:30p. Our young painters could do this class also.
  • ·         Wed 10am we start the Candy Canes.  There’s still time to join us.
  • ·         No Tue evening class this week. Next week is our first night at DU Salon in Cary.


Our terrific new Creative Workshops site is up and running. 

To celebrate we’re having a blog party all this week where you visit the teacher’s blogs and can leave a comment for a chance to win free classes as well as see their wonderful work.  Check out my blog to get started and for links to the other teachers. Remember to leave a comment.  What fun!


Register now for our seminar with Kathie George, Nov 11, 12, & 13!  

Cat in the Snow

Cat in the Snow


I hope to see you at the studio soon.



August at Artful Endeavors


A few important notes for you:

·        We’re painting with Ros next week so there are no regular classes.  The following week I am taking off for a short break to catch my breath.  Classes will resume on Aug 6 & 7.  Tue open class resumes on Aug 6. Let me know if you plan to join us.

·        We have lots of fun painting planned for Aug so be sure to plan ahead.  You can register for all the classes on line or at the studio.




  Wed am starts the Wolf on Aug 7 so be sure to get your prep this week. He’s a handsome fellow I think.  Register now.

·        Wed pm continues with Basics on Aug 7 with Trudy Beard’s Garden Shed.  We’ll be using lots of good refresher techniques and finishing a delightful painting in our 3 hrs.  Anyone can join us for some painting fun.  Register this week.

·        Wed afternoon, 2p-4p, painters are working on the Iris in our open class. If you want to paint this beautiful design join us either this week, tomorrow, or Aug 7 .  Get your prep this week.

·        Our Cary classes are moving in Aug. So far we are painting the Iris at Linda’s house.  If you are interested in joining us



starting Aug 13, contact me to register and get directions.

·        ArtFling update:  If you can’t resist joining us for Gail’s Gelli Print class, and I hope you can’t resist, please register by July 30. Gail needs to order our Gelli mats so that we’ll be prepared.  Plan on joining my nostalgic, misty morning, Rope Swing class too. I won’t teach this project again for at least 6 mo. So don’t pass up this opportunity.  Don’t’ forget to register by July 30.  Did I mention that you should register by July 30?

Gelli Class

Gelli Class

·        It’s also time to register for the Cobalt and Hydrangeas if you haven’t do so already. This will be the last time I’ll teach this project for about a year.  Register by Aug 23.

·        We’ve schedule another parent/child class for Aug 6, that’s Tue afternoon, 1p-3p. We’re painting a light house! Plan to join us. Register by contacting me by the end of July.


Hope to see you at our air-conditioned studio in Aug!



Liz Miller CDA

Artful Endeavors

200 Sawmill Rd, Suite 201

Raleigh NC 27615




Invite Liz to teach for your Chapter

Invite me to teach for your Chapter.

I’d love to visit you and share any of my knowledge about art and design.  I am a DecoArt Helping Artist and DecoArt graciously provides paint and products for us to use during my seminars.

Check out details of my travel teaching information and see project samples.

Contact me!

Under The Maple Liz Miller CDA

Under The Maple
Liz Miller CDA

It’s June at Artful Endeavors

Night Vision workshop

Night Vision workshop

June 2013 started with a hot day outside and some cool painting inside the studio.  We had a lively group of painters here on Sunday painting stormy skies of Night Vision: learning, laughing, and scheduling more workshops for the summer.  Students left the studio commenting on how much they learned from this class.

Cobalt and Hydrangeas

Cobalt and Hydrangeas

On Aug 31 the students have schedule for me to teach my Cobalt and Hydrangeas design. This will be the last time I can teach this design for the year so be sure to join us in Aug.

I’ve been busy painting upcoming projects for workshops. I finished my Rope Swing design for our Summer’s End ArtFling.  I’ve been wantign to paint mist and have had a request for a weeping willow. Here I’ve combined them both for what I think is a nostalgic painting bringing back memories of early morning  from younger days.  I’ve designed this painting for all levels, so no prior painting experience is required, but always appreciated.  Gail has become a Gelli printing addict and she is planning to share her Gelli passion with us. Each participant will get their own Gelli plate to experiment with and keep. You’ll mono-print on fabric as well as paper.  Find more information and register here!

Bodie Lighthouse at Sunrise

Bodie Lighthouse at Sunrise

The Bodie Lighthouse was another of my recent paintings. This is one of the 3 hr workshops coming up June 21, either day or evening, your choice. No experience needed to join us for one of these workshops.  Supplies and surface is included.  Register now!

Starting this Wed evening we will paint the Susan Crouch Watercolor Sheep.   This will be a 2 week class June 5 & 12, starting at 5:30p until 9p so that we’ll finish in the 2 weeks.  We’ll have fun exploring new watercolor techniques for novice watercolor enthusiasts.  Register now.

Our seminar with Ros is approaching quickly. We still have seats for most days.  Mabry’s Mill is full on Tue,

Garden Cart

Garden Cart

but I am keeping a wait list and if we get enough interest on the wait list we can see about adding another class.  More information and registration!


Registration is open for our seminar with Kathie George, Nov 11, 12, & 13 and we have an exciting assortment of projects chosen.  We’ll create a trendy watercolor Shell Weave using cheese cloth for an interesting effect in our paintings.  We’re also

Shell Weave Watercolor with cheese cloth accents.

Shell Weave
Watercolor with cheese cloth accents.

painting a batik, Cat in the Snow, who is actually my cat from a photo that I took in the 70s.  How “cool” is that.  Then there is the Ducks in a Row, my personal favorite, using powdered inks for a very interesting effect.  Leave it to Kathie to keep coming up with exciting new techniques for us.   Register now!

Gail and I are ready for our Summer’s End ArtFling, Aug 17 & 18.  We’re asking everyone to register by July 31 so that we can make sure to have all the supplies ready for class.  Plan to join us for some Gelli-licious, paintabulously, creative fun.  Register now!

Gelli Class Summer ArtFling 2013

Gelli Class
Summer ArtFling 2013


My next trip to Litchford Falls Healthcare and Rehab Center to demonstrate for the residents is coming up June 13, 2p,  if anyone would like to accompany me. I have a following of residents that join me each month to make suggestions and approve my painting. This is a very rewarding trip for me, sharing my love of painting, and giving back to our community. And enjoying some special people I’ve met there.

My vacation is coming up the last week of June. It’s time to study the ocean waves, sand dunes, and coastal skies, just for reference of course.  So no classes June 23 – 30!

Be sure to check the schedule for updates and additions. We’re being creative with our class times this summer so double check hours too. So much to paint and so little time.