Face Book Not For You?

I’ve heard that a lot from my painting students. They just are not into the social media thing, too much else to do, don’t want their private information out there….

Consider again in terms of our art and painting.

  • Since Paint Works is no longer being published and the Decorative Painter, journal of the SDP, is our only hard cover decorative painting magazine, on line options are our other source of decorative painting inspiration, except classes and local chapters of course.
  • If you have a face book account you can join various art groups to see what others are creating and to share your own paintings.  Look for groups with lots of members posting subject matter that you enjoy. Then when you go to your face book account you’ll have inspiration from fellow artists around the world.
  • There are certain artists on face book who post wonderful art tips and others that just inspire you with their artwork. Consider friending them.
  • You’ll find out about on line classes, supplies, techniques, …
  • You don’t have to accept friends unless you want to, you don’t have to play games, and you only have to check your face book page when you want.  It is nice to keep up with family members to share photos and activities, though.

One last idea is that there are some pages on face book that you can see without an account. Like my Artful Endeavors page.  You can still keep up with what’s happening on your favorite pages.

Maybe Face Book is not for you, but then, maybe it’s worth considering again.


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