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In case you don’t already know, we love painting Dorothy Dent designs at Artful Endeavors.  This week we’ll start a new design, the Brook, which I just love. I enjoyed painting my sample and am looking forward to sharing this beautiful painting with my students.

I thought you might like to see my painting as I progressed.  Dorothy paints in oils but I use acrylics for our classes. Although I’ve enjoyed oils in the past, I have discovered that I’m allergic to some of the products.  And, there is very little we can’t paint in acrylics since they are so versatile.  I use the wonderful DecoArt Traditions and of course Americana, my first acrylic love.

Here’s the beginning of the sky and water area.  This is about 3 layers of adjusting.  DecoArt’s new Americana color Blue Haven is a wonderful color, medium light value, not too greyed, a happy blue.


Step 1: background sky and water.


Step 2: adding the background trees and foliage for the large foreground tree.


Step 3: Adding the tree and sunny grass.


Step 4: Adding rocks and beginning the water.


Step 5: Sunshine on rocks and working on the water.

I love the colors in this painting.  Such a pleasing combination.

web-Brook finished_edited-1

Finished! Complete with splashes and accent colors.

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