More Snow!

It’s coming, the snow that is.  Wake county schools are closing for today and my inclement weather policy is no classes if the schools are closed.

There are no classes Tue or Wed at Artful Endeavors.  I want everyone to be off the roads and safe.

However, I will be at the studio from 9a-12noon if anyone wants to come in this Tues am to paint, or doesn’t check the web site.

Your homework is to draw or paint something. Study the snow, the shadows, the colors,

web snow fence

A quick easy and fun snow scene.

how it looks coming down. Take reference photos.  Sketch that thing in the yard with snow all over it.  Bring it in next week and show me what you did.   Take an online class.  My Mastering Decorative Painting Basics part 2 on Creative Workshops goes over side loading techniques. Always a good review. Or you might find another class that strikes your fancy. My Drawing Faces would be a great class.  Just do something artsy.  I’ll look forward to hearing about it next week.

Stay warm, dry, and mostly safe while you enjoy the snow.  It should be beautiful.


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