Where’s the creativity in that?

Recently on face book someone questioned where the creativity was in everyone painting the same design in a seminar. This created a lively response and got me thinking about our project classes.

Colored Pencil Class

Colored Pencil Class

Decorative painting opens art for those individuals that think they aren’t creative.

Everyone is creative in some form or another. We all choose our clothes to wear each day, colors, what goes together. Some may express their creativity through cooking, child care, writing, photography, sports, and numerous other ways depending on their interests.

Most important for the student to have is an interest and a desire to learn to create art. The techniques can be learned and practice just means painting more which is the fun part anyway.  If someone is interested and motivated they will work/play with their art and develop their skills.

web-DianneBy offering patterns and teaching step by step the teacher is able to focus on theory and techniques that are specific to the project.  Each student is encouraged to  develop their own style and to exercise their preferences as they build on art theory and techniques learned in class. Even though painting the same subject each painting is personalized by the different student to reflect their own style. And no one can paint exactly like the teacher anyway.

Project classes where students paint the same subject allows more time to focus on theory and technique associated with that specific painting. Students grow their skill sets while developing their art preferences and then continue on to create their own individual and independent pieces of art.

Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes

There is always creativity involved. There it is!

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