To-Do List

The first of the year is a time for me to check my to-do list to see what ideas first  inspire me for my upcoming art work.  Some ideas sit on the list for awhile until the time comes when it just seems to stand out and say “it’s my turn now”.  It’s so much fun to look back at my lists. Some ideas are instantly inspiring and some ideas make me wonder what I meant by that.  I’m dragging out my list this month so stay tuned to see what’s coming up.

Our classes have their to-do lists also. Some ideas stay exciting and some fall by the way side. Here are a few ideas on our list for this winter:
more batik, I have lots of Kathie George’s patterns to chose from



more Tjaps

Sherri Nelson wren

another skyscape

Pet portraits

My Annie

My Annie

more watercolor!!!

playing with colored pencils

paint your own landscape from your photo

Landscape reference photo

Landscape reference photo

Kathie George’s rooster with pastel pencil over watercolor, or maybe another subject, same technique

Rooster Liz MIller CDA

Rooster Liz MIller CDA


Tom's Mom

Tom’s Mom





Wow, I’m excited with all the possibilities for this year. Plan to join us.

How’s Your Side Loading?

2016 is here and we are getting back to our painting now that the festivities are enjoyed for another year.  I don’t usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year but I do have some goals that I work toward. These usually include refreshing my creative techniques and learning something new.

One of my goals for this year is to work on creating more painting videos. I teach weekly classes and workshops in my studio in Raleigh and also in Cary, but with the internet and social media available there is the opportunity to teach beyond my local area. So if you can’t come to me, let me come to you.

Mastering Decorative Painting Basics part 3

Mastering Decorative Painting Basics side loading

How is your side loading? On Creative Workshops I have the Mastering Decorative Painting series.  The second video in the series is all about side loading.  It is an excellent, stand alone guide for those of you who want to improve your side loading or have had difficulty with side loading. You will learn easy to follow steps that lead to successful side loading. I’ll teach my step by step method for side loading your flat brush to smoothly and effectively shade or highlight the elements of your design. We’ll also explore the art theory for creating volume within the elements of your design. Follow the above link to register.

Summer Romance

Summer Romance



Also, Session 3 of the Acrylic Painting Club is getting ready to start. You can still get in on the beginning and paint my Summer Romance.  Just use my link to Register now! and give me credit for your interest.

You have a full year from the time the video posts to enjoy and review the classes.

And the best thing about the videos are, you can have me repeat anything on the video as many time as you would like just by rewinding.

And the best thing about the videos are, you can have me repeat anything on the video as many time as you would like just by rewinding.

And the best thing about the videos are, you can have me repeat anything on the video as many time as you would like just by rewinding.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


I’m Back and Inspired!

I’m back from business research/photo trip otherwise called vacation. We had a great time and I took lots of reference photos of waterfalls, water, clouds, and more. Now I’m inspired and ready to start painting something.

I’m here for classes to resume this week and we have lots happening in the next few weeks.
We’re working on the Dorothy Dent fall scene in our Wed classes, but have a workshop on this same design on Friday, 10-3p. If you have missed it let me know quickly so we can get you into the Fri workshop.

web-Autumn-Dorothy-Dent-finThen on Saturday is our Pet Portrait class with lots of pet enthusiasts ready to work on portraits. I’m looking forward to seeing all the animals take shape. I’ve seen the photos to approve them and we have some terrific designs about to happen.

Halloween weekend Mark Polomchak is coming to teach for our chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters, CADANC. So it’s an exciting watercolor weekend planned. There are still a couple of seats for Sat and Sun available if you would like to join us. Mark is awesome and this will be my first opportunity to paint with him.

116And then Kathie George is here, Nov 16, 17, & 18 for our seminar! Kathie is always such fun and she is always introducing us to new techniques and products. What in the heck do we do with sanded paper? Kathie will show. There are still a few seats available if you can join us. There’s more information on the web site and you can register there also.


Then we have more holiday painting coming up in Nov, a Santa, ornaments, watercolor, and silver! So plan to join us.
I’ll get the web site schedules updated this week so please check them for what’s happening before Christmas.

More later!

Here Kitty, Kitty

Just finished my cat painting from our last pet portrait class. When I’m teaching I do demonstrate but don’t always get a chance to complete my painting. I’m usually circulating, helping each student as needed. This sometimes makes my own painting incomplete, even if I’ve finished demonstrating.

This weekend I decided that it was time to finished Annie’s portrait. It had been sitting around half painted long enough. Of course I almost completely painted it over again. I’m not always in the same “place” with my painting and want to update. And maybe I see something different or better.

I do like to paint colorful. I guess you can tell. And I think the turquoise is a wonderful accent color. Annie has beautiful big green eyes and I wanted to make sure they were the focus of my painting. She communicates so wonderfully with her eyes.

Anyway, here is Annie! And my husband recognized her!



Flock of Chickadees

Once a month our students want to work on watercolor skills. We started with specific techniques, not necessarily something to frame but to learn and prepare ourselves to take our upcoming watercolor workshops. And we have all greatly improved and are pleased with our growing skills.  The students are requiring me to learn more just to stay ahead of them and I’m enjoying the journey.

Our latest project was a Black Capped Chickadee in the style I learned from Susan Crouch. I was pleased with my painting and very pleased with my student’s efforts.

So from a proud teacher here are the student’s paintings.

Black Capped Chickadee, Artful Endeavors Students

Black Capped Chickadee


My students and I have been looking through old painting journals and books for projects to add to our fall schedule. I found a beautiful Jackie Shaw ribbon and mistletoe design in a Dec 2000 issue of Decorative Artist Workbook, some of you will remember them. It was a wonderful magazine back then and actually one of my first introductions to decorative painting back in the 1980’s. Anyway, back to the ribbon design.

web-Snow-kids-groupWhen I showed the design to the students the first reaction was “how beautiful”. When I asked if they would like to paint the design on an ornament, the next reaction was “it’s ribbon!!, oh, no! I can’t paint ribbon! It’s so difficult.”  “Well,” I said, “that’s the very reason that we need to paint this design then.”

web-Winter-ChickadeesStudents take painting classes to learn, to grow, and to stretch. Classes aren’t needed to paint something that you already know how to paint. There’s always something new to learn, something new to get excited about.  So let’s get uncomfortable, let’s stretch our skills. Let’s enjoy learning.


Ho Ho and Howl-loween

I’ve been busy developing the concepts, designing, and painting new classes for our Sept schedule. Of course lots of my inspirations come from our terrific students who are always wanting to learn and explore.  And who come up with challenging ideas.

Since the holiday season always comes upon us quickly our students have encouraged me to bring out the holiday designs.

We’ve started the Halloween painting with Midnight Howl, a spooky Shirley Wilson design. We’re painted this in one class and will begin it in Cary next Tue evening, Sept 8.  There’s still time to join us.

MIdnight Howl

Midnight Howl

And then there is always Santa!  Everyone get an opportunity to paint this whimsical fellow, a Shirley Wilson design also.  Shirley Wilson’s Star Santa

Shirley Wilson's Star Santa

Shirley Wilson’s Star Santa

Classes start:

Sept 16, Wed am in Raleigh, 10a-2p.

Sept 22. Tue, 6:15-8:15 in Cary

Oct 3, Sat, 10a-2p Raleigh.

And then there is my watercolor Black Capped Chickadee.  I’m learning more and more about watercolor and enjoying them very much. We’ve wanted to paint a bird in Susan Crouch style and here is my version. I was very pleased with this one.

Class starts Wed am, 10-2p, Raleigh.


Our Floral Still Life intensive workshop is coming up soon, Sept 26 & 27 to be exact. If you haven’t registered yet. We’re almost full.

Liz Miller CDA

Liz Miller CDA

We love to have you join our Sept learning opportunities at Artful Endeavors. I’m learning so much and am excited about sharing with you.

Come join us!  Liz

Wow, That Was Quick!

Our seminar with Susan Crouch is now full and I’m not surprised because Susan is such a wonderful, sharing artist. We had such a great time last May and learned so much.

And registrations for our seminar with Kathie George are coming in quickly.  Reserve your seat now so that you don’t miss out.  Register Now!