But That’s Difficult!

Of course it is. It’s new and new always involves learning something differently, or different, and developing new habits or techniques.  We learn and develop new skills by trying something we had not mastered already, increasing our knowledge base. And experiencing art is the same.  If we always paint something familiar, that we already know how to create, we’re not growing and pushing ourselves to expand our possibilities. Stretching is learning.  If it’s difficult, that’s great, that’s the way we learn.  New is always a little difficult, and exciting.


I am asked what my favorite piece of art is that I have created and my answer is “the next one”. There’s always something new for me to try, to learn.

In the classes that I teach I encourage students to challenge themselves to learn something new, try a new technique, understand why something works artistically. That keeps our work fresh and exciting.  We may learn that we like something or don’t like something but we have learned. And aren’t we pleased when we caught on to something new.


Let me put on my psychological hat for a minute.  Learning something new makes us use different pathways in our brain, keeps our brain challenged and working. And we all need to keep our brains clear and working properly.  So let’s learn something new!

We have lots of new learning opportunities coming up this fall at Artful Endeavors, classes, workshops, and seminars.

I’ve updated the class schedules as well as the workshop information so be sure to check.  We’ve added a Pet Portrait workshop on Oct 24 and well as the Floral Still Life on Sept 26 and 27, 2015. We’d love for you to join us.


Here It Is!

Here it is for those of you who have asked to paint your version of my Floral Still Life, (have to think of a better name for this painting).  This is an intensive study where we will concentrate on color harmony and creating a center of interest.

This has been one of my favorite paintings recently and popular with my students.  This began as a still life set up in my studio. My students and I brought elements to create a still life that we then photographed.  We set up our lighting and tried several compositions. In another post I’ll explain our photo booth.  I was inspired with this set up so I adjusted to create a pleasing composition and created my pattern. I’m excited about the results.

Liz Miller CDA

Liz Miller CDA

My Cary painters have asked to paint this and also our Tue am painters have it on their schedule.

You have some time to check your schedule and register. Plan to join us.  Seating will be limited so register early.



Flowers of a Different Color

Liz Miller CDA

Awhile back a few of us set up our photo booth, created a still life from items we brought to the studio, and photographed it.  From one of our set ups I created a design and began this painting. Students joined me and we made this class an intensive study. Each student adapted the design and created their own painting.

I thought you might like to see some of the completed floral still like paintings.  These are by our awesome students, Jean, Dianne, and Carol. Excellent painting!  I’m so pleased with their efforts. And we learned so…. much.

Jean S

Jean S

Dianne W

Dianne W

Carol B

Carol B

I’ve had others asking about this class. If you are interested, let me know. I’m considering teaching it in Cary if there is enough interest or possible a 2 day workshop. This would be a technique intensive workshop where the student will be making design decisions. As you can see, each painting differs.

Seminars Coming Up

2015 is an exciting year for seminars at Artful Endeavors.  Four seminars/workshops and all with exciting instructors coming to share their expertise with us.

Grace: Gail Schmidt

Grace: Gail Schmidt

ArtFling with Gail Schmidt and me is happening very soon, in a little over a week actually. We always have such fun when Gail is here, nice messy, creative fun. Get ready to laugh a lot and wear an apron.

Live; Liz Miller CDA

Live; Liz Miller CDA


Then our watercolor seminar with Susan Crouch is just at the end of May.  Susan is looking forward to sharing with us and she is such a wealth of information.  Our seminar is full, prep sheets have been sent out and we are ready to paint.

In July Ros Stallcup is here and again the seminar is full with enthusiastic painters. Participants have their preps and photos are posted. The projects this year are extra wonderful. I can’t decide which one I like best and maybe I don’t have to decide because I’ll just paint all of them.

You can see the photos on Ros seminar page on this web site.

Kathie George plans to be here with us in Nov. Check back for an update a little later.


It’s Here, News About ArtFling!

Gail and Liz are joining their creative forces once again for our Spring ArtFling 2015.

We’ll bring you this mixed media fun on May 1 & 2, Friday and Sat, 9a-5p, 2015 so mark your calendars and plan to join us.

We have more exciting new ideas for projects, always something different and a little good crazy.

This is our fifth ArtFling, each one more fun than the last with projects that are always exciting and definitely imaginative. Many of our participants return each time for more inspiration and always want to know when the next ArtFling is planned . There’s room for you to go on this art journey with us so reserve your seat now.



Grace: Gail Schmidt

Grace: Gail Schmidt

More information!  Register Now!

Let Fly With Us

Fling = let fly.  And we’ll let fly with paint and what ever else we find for creating at our Spring ArtFling with Gail Schmidt and myself.

This is our fifth ArtFling, each one more fun than the last with projects that are always exciting and definitely imaginative. Many of our participants have returned each time for more inspiration. There’s room for you to go on this art journey with us.

We’ll bring you this creative fun on May 1 & 2, Friday and Sat, 2015 so mark your calendars and plan to join us.

Let fly is also appropriate since wings is a theme in both of our paintings.



Gail’s painting, Grace, is graced with elegantly beautiful wings.

While my painting, Live, shows us a delicate butterfly on an allium flower with a lively background.



Check back for more details.

Plan to share our always lively, creative time this May.  Gail and I are excited and ready for some artful time together with you.


Spiffed Up and A Fresh Look

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I’ve had such a difficult time trying to get emails out this fall. Some of the email providers just won’t deliver emails from me.  Called me spam, imagine that. I’m still working on getting the email problem worked out, but, I have switched the news letter to a different format, using Mad Mimi. Don’t you love the name. So you should be able to receive our news that I’ll send out about once a month.  Watch for upcoming events, workshops, and juicy tips and techniques from my blog.


Chick-a-dee A Lydia Steeves design

Meanwhile we’re finishing up our paintings for this year and making plans for 2015.  We’ve adjusted the schedule so be sure to look for the updates.

You’re may be finishing up ornaments so here is a finishing tip that I like to use.  I paint the edges of my ornaments with a Krylon Leafing Pen. This gives me a beautiful finish.  I can even create a border on the edge of my ornament if I like.  I’ve used the Krylon Pen to finish the edge of the chickadees.

To finish the Pheasant below I wiped the edges with DecoArt Metallic Lustre, Iced Espresso in this case. This add just the right touch for a finished look. This is especially nice if you have an embossed surface.

Pheasant painted by Liz Miller original by Veda Parsley

Pheasant painted by Liz Miller
original by Veda Parsley

Be sure to mark your calendar for our Welcome Back to Painting in 2015 party, Jan 4, 1p-4p. I’ll have more information for you a little later.


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Here’s Mountain Dog!

This sweet dog was laying in the mountain back road we were exploring on vacation and he was nice enough to let Rick take his photo.  You can just see him ask what we were doing on his road.web-8.5-x-8

In our Pet Portrait class I began painting the mountain dog as my sample. Here’s my progress so far. Starting with the focal area, always eyes and nose.

20141023_135012 20141023_154253 2 20141023_173209