Seminars Coming Up

2015 is an exciting year for seminars at Artful Endeavors.  Four seminars/workshops and all with exciting instructors coming to share their expertise with us.

Grace: Gail Schmidt

Grace: Gail Schmidt

ArtFling with Gail Schmidt and me is happening very soon, in a little over a week actually. We always have such fun when Gail is here, nice messy, creative fun. Get ready to laugh a lot and wear an apron.

Live; Liz Miller CDA

Live; Liz Miller CDA


Then our watercolor seminar with Susan Crouch is just at the end of May.  Susan is looking forward to sharing with us and she is such a wealth of information.  Our seminar is full, prep sheets have been sent out and we are ready to paint.

In July Ros Stallcup is here and again the seminar is full with enthusiastic painters. Participants have their preps and photos are posted. The projects this year are extra wonderful. I can’t decide which one I like best and maybe I don’t have to decide because I’ll just paint all of them.

You can see the photos on Ros seminar page on this web site.

Kathie George plans to be here with us in Nov. Check back for an update a little later.


Ros Stallcup Seminar at Artful Endeavors 2015!

And it’s July 22 -25, 2015.


Ros is coming back this summer to Artful Endeavors for 4 days of creativity with new paintings, designed for US! We’re the first to paint them.

Mark your calendar and plan to join us.  Registration is open!

We’re working on a seasonal theme this year.  Ros and I have discussed topics for the painting for each day, but it’s always exciting to see where Ros has gone with each design.  Projects usually arrive at the studio in April.

I’ll have more information on surfaces a little later.

Here are our starting ideas.

Wed: Spring gathering basket of flowers on sign board.

Thurs: Summer’s Old Boat, coastal scene. Canvas.

Fri: Fall still life with lots of our fall favorites; dried corn, apples, pumpkins… Sandwich board

Sat: Winter scene with gazebo in the snow on wood.

I’ll have registration information on the web site very soon.



What’s Coming Up?

We have an exciting schedule planned for this fall at Artful Endeavors.  Classes, workshops, and seminars.

October will be here soon with hints of autumn in the air and fall colors on our palettes.  I think I see some red and green for the holidays there also.

web bring home the tree final _edited-1October

1 & 8 Wed am starts a delightful Helan Barrick Star Make Santa. 10am – 2p

web-Star-Maker-Santa1 & 8, Wed 5p – 7:30 we’ll paint a Ros Stallcup Christmas ribbon and holly design.

My vacation is the week of Oct 14 & 15 so no classes

23  Pet Portraits , Thurs, 10am – 5p.  Call or email for details. this is a specially requested workshop

Our terrific pet artists.

Our terrific pet artists.

25 Halloween Cat, Sat 10 – 1p. No experience needed and all supplies included.

Halloween cardboard tube cat.

Halloween cardboard tube cat.


6  Bringing home the tree.  Special workshop with the Albemarle painters. More wonderful Helan Barrick kids. Contact me for details.web bring home the tree final _edited-117, 18, & 19  Kathie George Seminar.  We still have some seats available so register now.Dragonfly Done

More Weekly Classes:  Check the schedule for more weekly classes.


2015 Seminars


Our year will be full of exciting seminars and workshops so plan ahead and go ahead and register.

March 20 & 21, Spring ArtFling with Gail and Liz

web-Jean-fingersMay 29, 30, & 31, Susan Crouch  register now to secure your seatThis seminar fills quickly.

July 22 – 25, Ros Stallcup.  Four days of painting with Ros this summer.demoWatch the schedule for more workshops and seminars.

CADANC, chapter of SDP, is having 2 seminar at Artful Endeavors next year also. Join our chapter to paint with us at our terrific seminars with:

April: colored pencil  Janelle Johnson

Oct-Nov: watercolor with Mark Polomchak


Falling into Autumn

Creatively SpeakingDSC_0064

We had a great time painting with Ros this summer. It was a week full of painting with old friends and meeting new ones while enjoying Ros again. I have lost exact count but this was somewhere around 18 or 19 yrs of seminars with Ros. Each one successful. Our dates for next year are July 22-26, yes, we’re planning 4 days next year. We have some good ideas planned and would love to have you join us.  We’ll call next year our 20th year anniversary!

web-Yupo-PoppiesRegistration is open for our seminar with Kathie George for three days of mixed media exploration! Always fun and educational. Registration, photos, and more information.

Night Hunter Liz Miller CDA

Night Hunter Liz Miller CDA

ArtFling is coming up Sept 5 and 6, that’s Fri and Sat. Join Gail Schmidt and me for more mixed media fun.  We’re asking everyone to register by sending in your fee by Aug 8. That’s coming up soon so be sure to get your seminar fee submitted. Let us know if you want Gail to supply the surface for you. More info and on line registration.  Register now!

Summer Geraniums stage 2.

Summer Geraniums stage 2.

I’ve updated the class schedule on the web site so be sure to check for updates. There are a few date changes and we have some exciting plans for new projects. I’ll be designing more original paintings and will have photos on the web site as soon as they are painted.

Straw Fish

Straw Fish

Our Aug 9, Saturday workshop is coming up soon. We’re painting fish with a straw and acrylic inks! What fun. We’ll probably have time to play around with this technique with other animals. Register by Aug 4 so that I have time to plan.

Watercolor Sheep: my painting from a workshop with A Susan Crouch design

Watercolor Sheep: my painting from a workshop with
A Susan Crouch design

 I have some exciting news for you. We have award winning watercolor artist, Susan Crouch coming for a seminar at Artful Endeavors, May 29, 30, and 31, 2015. This is a theory and techniques seminar and you will probably not be completing specific projects during the seminar. Our focus in on learning not finishing a project.  You can find more information on this web page. I’m still working on the page and need to get photos from Susan to post.

  More info about Susan.  I’ll open the seminar on Sept 5. Participation is limited to 15.  Susan is from Statesville, NC so one of our NC artists.

 NC St. Fair 2015

It’s time to get you entries planned for this year’s NC state fair.  Entry forms need to be completed and mailed or emailed by Sept 19, 2015.

Be sure to notice that the groups have changed.  There is no professional group any longer. There is E/experienced, 5 yrs or more of experience, or N/novice, less than 5 yrs experience.

You can enter one item in up to 10 categories.

You can find the complete instructions at

And on line entry at


I’ll look forward to seeing you entries this year. I know they will be awesome.


Just a few un-fun notes:

  • I receive many telemarketing calls each day so I let the phone go to voice mail if I don’t recognize the number. If you are not a telemarketer be sure to leave a message so I’ll know you are a real person interested in something to do with painting.
  • Someone has blocked century link/embarqmail from receiving email from Artful Endeavors by labeling us spam. Anyone with one of these email addresses will not be receiving emails from me unless you go to your email provider and tell them you want to receive emails.  Please pass the word if you know anyone from this provider who is wondering why I am not sending them email any longer. They are missing out on seminar and class information.
  • You are receiving emails from Artful Endeavors because you have requested to do so. I do not solicit email addresses from any other source. If you would like to be removed from our email address please just let me know and I will be glad to remove you. Do not just mark our emails as spam. You block everyone else from your email provider from receiving our emails.
  • If you have requested our emails and are not getting them, and have a different email provider you might have our emails in your spam folder. Be sure to add us to your address book.

Come paint with us soon.


It’s July! Ros is at Artful Endeavors

We’ve had such a great time painting with Ros Stallcup this week, polishing techniques as well as learning new ones. We’ve played with new products and used our familiar products in creative ways.

demo DSC_0051 DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0058 DSC_0064 DSC_0069 DSC_0072 DSC_0073 DSC_0080 DSC_0084 DSC_0086 DSC_0089 Sunday-house-group

Ros’ seminars are always a terrific occasion to see old friends and make new ones while sharing a common love for art.


And we’ve made plans for our July 2015 seminar. Save the dates: July 22 – 25, 2015.

I’m Back!

I’m back from vacation, which was lots of kid-filled fun, and ready to get painting again. Hope you are ready to join me.

Janet's dog.

Janet’s dog.

We have our Pet Portrait class coming up next week, Saturday, July 12. Be sure to register and talk to me about your portrait by this Friday so that we can plan your prep and pattern.  Don’t have a pet, you can still join us.  Paint a friend’s pet or find a magazine photo or I have plenty of cat photos to share.

Our seminar with Ros is only 21 days away but there’s still time for you to join us. Contact me now or register on line.

Tree 4 seasons

Registration is open for our Summer’s End ArtFling!

Come join us, paint, and enjoy the cool.



May-June Happening at Artful Endeavors

May and June are packed with painting fun at the studio. Summer is approaching and now is a good time to plan your studio time.

Chalky Paint finish

Chalky Paint finish

Remember:  “You never find time, you have to make it.”

Do something for yourself and just go ahead and add your painting time to your calendar.

OK so what is all this painting fun?

  • Our Assemblage class/Play Day is this coming Friday and I looking forward to experiencing all those creative minds at work.
  • I have my order in for the DecoArt Chalky Paint and am expecting it to arrive soon! We have loved using this paint and I’m excited to be able to share it with you. You can find more information on the DecoArt web site.  We have another class coming up on May 20, 10am -3p when we’ll have fun using this paint on furniture or decorative items. I have lots of product to share so plan to join us and learn all about the Chalky Paint.  Register by May 14th.
  • Wed am is painting a beautiful sunflower in watercolors starting May 14. I still need to get our sample painted but I’ll post a photo when I get it completed.
  • Our Wed evening class was postponed last week with the storms coming through so our final project, the Old Coach House, is now on May 14. This is a primitive style design by Rebecca Trimble that was in the Aug 2012 Paint Works. Beautiful vibrant colors.
  • Our Cary class starts the Red Window this evening, postponed from last week. Storms again.  On May 27 we’ll have fun repainting one of my originals that I painted at the nursing home for the residents. I love the design and we want to do an improved version.  Blue Moon.
  • On Sat, June 7, 11:30-2:30p, we have a fun Goldfish painted with acrylic inks, acrylics, pen, and a drinking straw. Hope I have your curiosity piqued. Be sure to add this one to your schedule. This class is appropriate for kids, 8yrs and up, and adults.web-Goldfish
  • Our June Play Day is the colored pencil that I’ve been promising. I did my version of Lydia Steeve’s kitten. So cute. Mark your calendar for Friday June 20, 10a-2p.  So the web site won’t let me post the photo of the kitten but you can see it on my facebook page.
  • Ros’ painting should be arriving before long. I can’t wait to see how Ros interprets our ideas for this summer. But you don’t have to wait to register. Register now.

    Sunday House

    Sunday House

  • And our schedule is filling with more weekly classes.

You can fine more information about these classes on the class page along with photos, assuming that I have the sample completed. Go ahead and register on line, send me a check, or drop by the studio.

I’ll be out of the studio this coming Monday, May 12. I’m going to Gail and Leon’s house to pick up our Ros surfaces… and see what mischief Gail and I can stir up.  Have a good Mother’s Day.  I’ll be sure to give Gail’s Mom hugs.

I have our family beach trip coming up June 22 – 28th and looking forward to it. No class that week unless Carol comes up with a treat.

Speaking of treats… Gail and I are starting to talk about an ArtFling later this summer….  We’ll keep you informed.

Keep watching the schedules for updates later this week. I have to go Zumba! right now.


Mother What?

It’s amazing how much having a sick computer is a hindrance.  Yes, my studio computer is in the shop and needs a new mother board, oh no!  The good news is that’s it under warranty and won’t cost me anything. Yeah!! I love having my computer especially built for me by Intrex here in Raleigh and having local support.

However,…  not having my work computer means that I don’t have access to my email with all my distribution lists.  So this is a test for all of you, to see who is actually reading my blog and which ones have become too dependent on my email updates to check the web site.  Let me know that you read my blog.

Our class updates for April are posted on the class pages.  We’ve added and rearranged so be sure to check the schedules.

We’ve add another tjap class for those of you who missed it last week, this time in the evening.  There is an explanation and photos on the Wed evening class page.

Tjap designs

Tjap designs

Also the Wed evening group has added a dragonfly class. I know there are lots of dragonfly fans out there. Easy and lots of fun.web-dragonfly-atc

Cary and our Wed day class has added some great new classes too, so be sure to check them out.

Our last two play days have been so successful and we’re looking forward to our May 9 Assemblage Play Day.  Be sure to register early and talk to me about particulars.  More info on the Workshop page.

On April 12, that’s a week from Sat is our furniture design workshop using the DecoArt Chalky Finish paints and their terrific new French stencils.

Chalky Finish Paint

Chalky Finish Paint

I have the paint to share and the stencils as my treat to you, so here’s a great opportunity to try them out.  I’ve created some samples with the products and love them, the products that is but the samples too.  DecoArt is expecting this line of paints to be their next BIG BIG sellers and we are getting to experience them first. I’ll be one of the first retailers to stock them starting in May.  (Right now they are only available at Home Depot, mostly on line)  Come help me choose which color to stock.

chair before

chair before

Chair with stencil in progress

Chair with stencil in progress

There are many beautiful colors to choose from with french stencils, crackle, stain blocker, wax, and varnish in the line also.  You can see more about the products on the DecoArt web site.  Be sure to check out some of the Chalky Finish videos too.  Of course our creations will be most awesome.

Register now!

Frame with Chalky Finish paint by DecoArt

Frame with Chalky Finish paint by DecoArt

Single day registration for our seminar with Ros Stallcup is now open.  The surfaces are on their way to Ros and we’ll have samples later in the month.  But go ahead and register now to secure your seat.

Don’t forget to tell me that you read this blog post and I’ll see you in class soon.



Ros Is Coming This Summer!

Our special 6 day rate for our seminar with Ros expires at the end of this month!  Have you registered yet?

I have a sneak peak for you.

Sunday House

Sunday House

This is Ros’ Sunday house that we’ll paint on Thurs, July 24.

Ros is working on our other brand new projects and you can be the first to paint them when you join us in July at Artful Endeavors.

Here’s the schedule of Ros’ terrific classes.

I’ll have surfaces available at the beginning of May and will have information and prices for you very soon.

Register now by sending in your check with the attached registration form, or, register on line with a credit card. 

Or you can just drop by the studio, even better.