Summer At Artful Endeavors

Summer is usually referred to as the time to be lazy. I’ll interpret lazy as a time to enjoy something for yourself, those activities that we often put off because we have to do this or that other thing. So far summer has been far from lazy here at Artful Endeavors, instead it has been full of special events, enjoying out of the ordinary painting occasions. And, there are more of these special times to come!


Liz Miller painted with Susan Crouch from her design

The end of May brought Susan Crouch with her in-depth watercolor workshop. We learned so much and painted so much. Every painting by our participants was lovely, no “need to do overs” in the lot. Of course we now understand how to go about creating our own similar designs, and that’s even better. And we have Susan scheduled for next spring! I’ll have details later for you.


Liz Miller painted with Susan Crouch from her design

DSC_1076 Susan-and-Liz web-susan-and-Merry-K

I’m editing more photos from the seminar and will have those to show you soon.

This week I’m off to a watercolor seminar, learning and increasing my skill. Maggie and I are headed to Charlotte to paint with Anne Abgott for a colorful 3 days of learning and painting. I’ve painted with Anne once before, before I knew much of anything about watercolors, and she is an excellent teacher. She loves vibrant color so her style is just fine for me. We’ll be mingling colors.
More when we return.

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