Turtleback Falls

This was a live class and is now available as video.

This wonderful waterfall is in western North Carolina where we find many waterfalls in the Appalachian mountains. I enjoyed painting the light in the forest, the rocks, and falling, splashing water that create this inviting scene.

Acrylic, DecoArt Traditions and Americana, on 8 x 24″ Canvas but you could choose the surface that pleases you.

Turtleback Falls, Liz Miller CDA

Turtleback Falls $50

(You can pay with a credit card on PayPal without having a PayPal account. Thank you.)

Classes are skill oriented: I’ll teach the art theory and technique for this painting. I hope to inspire your creativity while challenging you to increase your knowledge and skills.

Attending the class is easy. The class is streamed to YouTube and you simply follow the link sent the week of class and sign in to YouTube with a Gmail login. After the Live sessions the class is available as video for those registered to view at their convenience.

When you register for the class prep, photo, and line drawing are emailed. All information for the class is included in the registration fee.

The videos are available for you to watch as many times as you would like, rewind, and view again. Ask questions in comments during class or send me an email after class. I’ll be glad to give critiques by email. Enjoy!
Join me for some fun learning.

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