Painting From a Photo

When you are painting from a photo, especially for a portrait or pet portrait, you want to be able to see good detail.  Your painting is only as good as your photographic detail. We don’t want you to struggle to see detail as you paint.  And I can’t just make it up for you no matter how talented you think I am.

Sharp detail.

Sharp detail.

Most cameras are set to deliver sharp photos. If your photo is blurred it may be operator error. I see many snapshots that are less than clear. These may be terrific for capturing a special moment but they are not adequate for a painting reference.  Make sure you get a sharp, clear photo.

Not clear when enlarged. Won't be able to get a good pattern or see detail for painting.

Not clear when enlarged. Won’t be able to get a good pattern or see detail for painting.

If you are using a photo from a mobile phone or tablet make sure your camera is set to the largest picture size (highest resolution). You need photos with good detail for reference.

Photos need to be at least 240 dpi at a size that you can use for your design. Or at least high enough resolution you can enlarge in a print to use for a pattern.  If when you print your photo the size is not large enough to see detail for your pattern you are in trouble from the start. Newer mobile phones, especially Samsung, make wonderful photos at the high resolution setting.

When we are painting portraits from a photo I will ask to approve your photo to make sure you are not struggling as you paint. We want the painting to be fun.

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