Painting Projects: Animals

Most paintings have been created on canvas, art board, or a flat surface for ease of teaching. You are free to paint on any appropriate surface.

All painting are original works by Liz Miller from her own reference photos or from Rick Ward Photography.

Rowdy, 8×8″, Acrylic

Rowdy, 1 day, Acrylic


Paint Your Pet, 8×8″ on art board or canvas
Paint Your Pet, 8×8 on art board or canvas

Paint Your Pet: 2 day class on flat surface in acrylic.

This is a pet portrait class. You will provide a head and shoulder photo of your pet for you to paint from in class. In the class we’ll work on composition, center of interest, bringing life to your painting, and adding the special touches that make this your pet. Cats and dogs only, please.


Rabbit in the Grass, 11×14″, Acrylic

Rabbit in the Grass: 1 day. Acrylic.


Alpaca in the Sun, 8×10, Acrylic

Alpaca in the sun: 1 Day. Acrylic


Bingo, 8×8″, Acrylic

Cat’s Eyes: Colors can be personalized. 1 Day. Acrylic

In the class we’ll break down technique for painting cat’s eye, colors, and facial features for different face sizes and shapes.


Gus, 8×8″, Acrylic, 1 day
Fonzie, 9s12″, Acrylic, 1 Day
Sleeping Cisco, 8×16″, Acrylic, 1 Day

I’ve painted Cisco on a box lid, 8×16″ or a little larger.


Cinnabar, 8×8, Acrylic, 1 Day.


Zebra, 10×10″, Acrylic, 1 Day
Giraffe, 8×16″, Acrylic, 1 Day


George’s Shoe, 10×12″, Mixed Media (Pastel Pencil over Water color), 1 Day


From the Mist: Elephant, Mixed Media, Watercolor and Color Pencil, 11x 15 watercolor paper

From the Mist, 1 day, Mixed Media


Donkey, 8×10″, Acrylic, 1 Day
Grazing, 12 x 16″, Acrylic, 1 Day

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