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Our class is available to begin as a Face Book Live Video class. As a live class you can watch or paint along. You can ask questions in comments as I’m painting. I’ll watch the comments and try to answer questions during the class. Any questions I don’t catch during the demo I will answer later. The video will post on the Face Book page as a video after the Live presentation so you have access to it and can replay as many times as you would like. If you don’t have time to join us for the Live Video Class and you have registered, you can watch the video on the Class Page at your convenience and send comments that I will check periodically.

  • When you register you are sent an invitation to join the class on Face Book. Accept the invitation so that you will be ready for the start of the class.
  • You’ll be sent written instructions, pattern, and photo by email. Be sure to register by 12 noon the day before so that I have time to email prep to you before class. If you register that day I’ll send you class material after the live class.
  • At class time sign in to Face Book and join us on the Class Page .
  • Be prepared if you plan to paint along. Or watch and come back to paint with the recorded video.
  • You can register at a later day and still get the class as a video on the Class Page. See the following pages for more video classes.

The class will not post on the Artful Endeavors page and only registered participants will have access to the class page. When you register for the class you will be agreeing to not share the class with anyone not registered. Fees help to pay studio rent and keep a roof over it for when our Sawmill Studio classes resume.

Live Class

Crows Ocean View

Crow’s Ocean View by Liz Miller CDA

More information and to register

Live on Face Book Aug 12 and 14, 2020

Once you have registered I’ll send instructions, pattern, photo, and link to join the class room.

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