Portrait Workshop

Please let Liz know that you are interested in a portraits and we will let you know when our next workshop is scheduled.

The Basics of Painting Portraits with Liz Miller CDA

Appropriate for beginning portrait interested or for those with more experience and enthusiasm.

In this basic level portrait class we’ll begin to learn to create a painting to look like the individual of your choice. We’ll use the same shading and highlighting theories that we always do to create forms and shapes.

Your painting will only be as good as the photo you start from. You will create your own very accurate tracing from your photo enlargement.  I will talk to you about tracing a design from a photo and transferring your design to your canvas after I have checked it in class.

First lights.

First lights.

For some of you this will be the first time you have tried this exercise, so we will keep it as simple as possible. We will not paint hands, arms, clothing detail or background objects. We will paint a simple blended background and indicate clothing using the colors of your choosing.

Individual attention is given to each student and they are encouraged to work on their own level of skill.

Please make sure you have the best photo reference possible with sharp detail. Study your photo at home noticing lines, shapes, shadows, highlights, and the subtle value changes that shape your particular face. I will teach the technique and steps, and encourage you to “see” the details in your own portrait.

We’ll progress as far as we are able in the time allotted. Remember that this is a learning experience and each time you paint a portrait you will improve. You may have more painting to do at home.



Bring your general painting supplies. Also you need:
Bringle round blender brushes sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 Bringle 3/8” mop
Oval blender size 4

Large Wash brush

#2 or 3 round

8 ¼ “rake
Small spray bottle for spritzing Paper

pen for notes
Several small cotton cloths, such as inexpensive wash cloths- washed if they are new
Paper palette and small wet palette

White transfer paper
00, 0, or 1 liner in excellent condition.

We will paint with DecoArt Traditions Acrylics. A paint list will be provided.

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