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I’m always a little behind in the tech world but I finally purchased a tablet this summer. Yeah me!  I can now view my photos in awesome color and clarity since of course I had to have the latest in graphics, Tab-S impressive.  And face book is just that much more exciting!/?

I can see face book on my pc and my smart phone.  I didn’t need a tablet to do that… but my students were using their tablets and I-pads in class, taking step-by-step photos and it seemed to be a useful idea.  And they could enlarge the photo to see specific areas for detail!   Terrific!.  I used it for this very purpose in the seminar with Susan Crouch that Maggie and I attended in Charlotte.  It worked nicely and I have all those photos saved for future reference.

Here are the step-by-step photos that I took for my pumpkin painting and could view on my tablet during class.  Besides letting the students see the painting develop it helps me remember what I did the first time I painted.

web-DSC_0558 web-DSC_0561 web-DSC_0564 web-pumpkins-adj

So, I’ve been trying to find ways to utilize my tab-S more and better for my painting and teaching.  One idea that I stole from Nancy Couick in Charlotte who hosted Susan, was hooking the tab up to her TV monitor to view Susan’s photos and notes. Well I can do that now! Exciting! I can take step-by-step photos of my class samples as they progress and show them to you on my monitor,…. or reference photos, or something on the web, or watch an online painting video, or… I’m sure there’s much more.

Tab and monitor

Tab and monitor

And I’m getting more excited about using my tab S the more uses I discover.

Let me know if you have more good painting related ideas for using a tablet.  I’ve discovered a photo editing app that I like, but more about that later.

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