Seminars 2019

  • We’re in for an exciting summer with seminars planned for June, July, and August with wonderful artists and teachers.
  • Paint with a nationally known teacher in one of our seminars featuring their style and special abilities.
  • Our 2019 Seminar Schedule features exciting seminars with nationally know artists:
  • Mark Polomchak:  June 28, 29, and 30, 2019.  Those of us who enjoyed painting with Mark last year so much can look forward to another exciting painting experience with him this June.  Mark’s skill, patience, and humor make this an awesome seminar. Mark
    Mark Polomchak seminar 2017

    Mark Polomchak seminar 2017


  • Ros Stallcup:  July 24-27, 2019  Registration is open. Projects are all new and Ros will be painting them this spring. Ros’ summer seminar at Artful Endeavors is always one of our yearly favorite experiences.  I’ll have them at the studio usually in April.  Ros
  • Group-web
  • Mark Menendez: Aug 23-24, Fri & Sat, 2019. Colored Pencil Portraits! First day is general instruction, second day you will work from a your own photo. This is Mark’s first year teaching for Artful Endeavors and will certainly be an exciting adventure for us.  Mark Menendez
  • Mark and Liz
  • Kathie George: Kathie is back with us  Nov 18-20, 2019!  Kathie’s creativity and willingness to share always make for adventurous  classes. We’ll have details later in the year.  Kathie    Seminar details

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