But That’s Difficult!

Of course it is. It’s new and new always involves learning something differently, or different, and developing new habits or techniques.  We learn and develop new skills by trying something we had not mastered already, increasing our knowledge base. And experiencing art is the same.  If we always paint something familiar, that we already know how to create, we’re not growing and pushing ourselves to expand our possibilities. Stretching is learning.  If it’s difficult, that’s great, that’s the way we learn.  New is always a little difficult, and exciting.


I am asked what my favorite piece of art is that I have created and my answer is “the next one”. There’s always something new for me to try, to learn.

In the classes that I teach I encourage students to challenge themselves to learn something new, try a new technique, understand why something works artistically. That keeps our work fresh and exciting.  We may learn that we like something or don’t like something but we have learned. And aren’t we pleased when we caught on to something new.


Let me put on my psychological hat for a minute.  Learning something new makes us use different pathways in our brain, keeps our brain challenged and working. And we all need to keep our brains clear and working properly.  So let’s learn something new!

We have lots of new learning opportunities coming up this fall at Artful Endeavors, classes, workshops, and seminars.

I’ve updated the class schedules as well as the workshop information so be sure to check.  We’ve added a Pet Portrait workshop on Oct 24 and well as the Floral Still Life on Sept 26 and 27, 2015. We’d love for you to join us.


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