December at Artful Endeavors

Here we are at the end of 2019. I can’t believe that time goes so fast. I do believe that time speeds up the older we get.

We’ve been discussing project plans for 2020 and have some exciting ideas. I’m finishing up Christmas paintings and am working on the schedule for the new year. I hope to have it posted soon. So many ideas! And I plan to have several workshops throughout the year that I will be teaching. I have some ideas but if you have a request let me know. 

We’ll have Ros back July 22-25 and most likely Kathie will be back in Nov to share with us. Mark your calendar and plan to join us.

But before we get to next year, our Dec schedule for our 10-2p class plans to experiment with watercolors starting tomorrow. We’ve talked about snow scenes and this could be a small painting or a card. And we’ve talked about landscapes in a loose style. Bring your watercolors and painting supplies. I have lots of fun mark makers such as plastic wrap, cheese cloth, string, ….  Don’t forget your imagination and we’ll just have fun creating. This is a 2 wk class.

Our 4-6p class will paint Peggy Harris’ holiday bird ornaments. If you would like to join us just order and download the ornament patterns, they come 2 in a packet, and we’ll concentrate on 2 of the designs. You choose which 2 you want. I have ornaments, 4” paper Mache’, if you need ornaments. We’ll have some fun with the backgrounds. Think fluffy and we’ll paint these cuties. 2 wks.

That will bring us up to our 2 wk holiday break. I always plan to do some catching up but somehow that never works. We’ll see. Classes resume Wed, Jan 8, 2020 (doesn’t that sound strange, 2020)

Our Welcome Back to Painting party is Jan 5th, 1-4p. I’m encouraging our students to bring paintings they would like to show, bring an easel if you have one, and we’ll have an art show. Spread the word among your friends and family, bring them with you. You can bring a goodie to share too. I’ll have class preps and samples to show. It’s always so nice to see everyone after the break and share stories and plans for the upcoming year.

I hope to see you on Wed and for sure at our Jan party. Have a wonderful month full of friends and family, and maybe just a little quiet time just for you.

Thanks for being here and sharing my passion for art and painting. I’ll look forward to more creative time with you in the new year.


I’m Impressed

Our recent Color Pencil Portrait seminar with Mark Menendez was a huge success. Mark, besides being a wonderful teacher and artist, is so patient and very organized in his presentation. I was so impressed with the student’s portraits. Many students had not ventured into colored pencil portraits before… just so impressive. Mark was a true inspiration for all of us.

Mark taught us that you don’t learn to be good at art by talent alone but by practice. And that’s what we’ll do. Plan to join us at Artful Endeavors.

Ho Ho and Howl-loween

I’ve been busy developing the concepts, designing, and painting new classes for our Sept schedule. Of course lots of my inspirations come from our terrific students who are always wanting to learn and explore.  And who come up with challenging ideas.

Since the holiday season always comes upon us quickly our students have encouraged me to bring out the holiday designs.

We’ve started the Halloween painting with Midnight Howl, a spooky Shirley Wilson design. We’re painted this in one class and will begin it in Cary next Tue evening, Sept 8.  There’s still time to join us.

MIdnight Howl

Midnight Howl

And then there is always Santa!  Everyone get an opportunity to paint this whimsical fellow, a Shirley Wilson design also.  Shirley Wilson’s Star Santa

Shirley Wilson's Star Santa

Shirley Wilson’s Star Santa

Classes start:

Sept 16, Wed am in Raleigh, 10a-2p.

Sept 22. Tue, 6:15-8:15 in Cary

Oct 3, Sat, 10a-2p Raleigh.

And then there is my watercolor Black Capped Chickadee.  I’m learning more and more about watercolor and enjoying them very much. We’ve wanted to paint a bird in Susan Crouch style and here is my version. I was very pleased with this one.

Class starts Wed am, 10-2p, Raleigh.


Our Floral Still Life intensive workshop is coming up soon, Sept 26 & 27 to be exact. If you haven’t registered yet. We’re almost full.

Liz Miller CDA

Liz Miller CDA

We love to have you join our Sept learning opportunities at Artful Endeavors. I’m learning so much and am excited about sharing with you.

Come join us!  Liz

But That’s Difficult!

Of course it is. It’s new and new always involves learning something differently, or different, and developing new habits or techniques.  We learn and develop new skills by trying something we had not mastered already, increasing our knowledge base. And experiencing art is the same.  If we always paint something familiar, that we already know how to create, we’re not growing and pushing ourselves to expand our possibilities. Stretching is learning.  If it’s difficult, that’s great, that’s the way we learn.  New is always a little difficult, and exciting.


I am asked what my favorite piece of art is that I have created and my answer is “the next one”. There’s always something new for me to try, to learn.

In the classes that I teach I encourage students to challenge themselves to learn something new, try a new technique, understand why something works artistically. That keeps our work fresh and exciting.  We may learn that we like something or don’t like something but we have learned. And aren’t we pleased when we caught on to something new.


Let me put on my psychological hat for a minute.  Learning something new makes us use different pathways in our brain, keeps our brain challenged and working. And we all need to keep our brains clear and working properly.  So let’s learn something new!

We have lots of new learning opportunities coming up this fall at Artful Endeavors, classes, workshops, and seminars.

I’ve updated the class schedules as well as the workshop information so be sure to check.  We’ve added a Pet Portrait workshop on Oct 24 and well as the Floral Still Life on Sept 26 and 27, 2015. We’d love for you to join us.


Here It Is!

Here it is for those of you who have asked to paint your version of my Floral Still Life, (have to think of a better name for this painting).  This is an intensive study where we will concentrate on color harmony and creating a center of interest.

This has been one of my favorite paintings recently and popular with my students.  This began as a still life set up in my studio. My students and I brought elements to create a still life that we then photographed.  We set up our lighting and tried several compositions. In another post I’ll explain our photo booth.  I was inspired with this set up so I adjusted to create a pleasing composition and created my pattern. I’m excited about the results.

Liz Miller CDA

Liz Miller CDA

My Cary painters have asked to paint this and also our Tue am painters have it on their schedule.

You have some time to check your schedule and register. Plan to join us.  Seating will be limited so register early.



Flowers of a Different Color

Liz Miller CDA

Awhile back a few of us set up our photo booth, created a still life from items we brought to the studio, and photographed it.  From one of our set ups I created a design and began this painting. Students joined me and we made this class an intensive study. Each student adapted the design and created their own painting.

I thought you might like to see some of the completed floral still like paintings.  These are by our awesome students, Jean, Dianne, and Carol. Excellent painting!  I’m so pleased with their efforts. And we learned so…. much.

Jean S

Jean S

Dianne W

Dianne W

Carol B

Carol B

I’ve had others asking about this class. If you are interested, let me know. I’m considering teaching it in Cary if there is enough interest or possible a 2 day workshop. This would be a technique intensive workshop where the student will be making design decisions. As you can see, each painting differs.