Where Did It Go?

It’s been a busy summer around here! It’s hard to believe that summer is in it’s last half and autumn is peaking around the corner. We’re scheduling fall projects and planning for our holiday and Christmas painting!

Many of our painters have been in and out of classes this summer with vacations, and visitors, so scheduling upcoming classes has been a little slow. And, I’m sure you won’t be surprised, we change our collective mind. I am in the process of updating the class schedules now so keep checking back to see what’s coming.

Winter Lighthouse

Winter Lighthouse, a Keith Sluder design

We’ve just finished with our seminar with Ros Stallcup and it was even more terrific this year. All the paintings turned wonderful. We met with old friends and made new ones as happens each year. Our participants helped us come up with some ideas for next year, too. It’s always fun each spring to see what Ros created from our basic ideas each year as she paints entirely new projects for us. We’ll just have to wait to find out, and it’s always a surprise.  We have dates for 2017 so mark your calendars for July 19-22, 2017 and plan to join us. Seats this year filled up quickly so keep checking back for more details.

2016 Ros Stallcup Seminar

2016 Ros Stallcup Seminar

Our seminar with Mark Polomchak is coming up next, Oct 7-9. There are a couple of seats available for all 3 days. On Aug 1, next Mon, single seats will be available so if you want to participate for the 3 days, contact me this week. If you are looking for a single day, contact me next week before the seats are gone.  Pay balance or register now.

11253742_10153254406712898_3578189492983362431_nI’ll have news for you on our seminar with Kathie George very soon. I’m in the process of selecting projects from some new exciting painting from Kathie. Check back just a little later.


Looking Back

I’ve been looking back at some of the photos of our past ArtFlings with Gail Schmidt and myself.  We had lots of fun and played with lots of different techniques and products. You can see some of our past adventures in our photos.


Gail is now working with enamels and creating jewelry which does not travel well and is not practical for a painting workshop. However you can see her wonderful jewelry creations at Shabby Cottage Adorned, and on Face book.

Shabby Cottage Adorned

Shabby Cottage Adorned

Seminars at Artful Endeavors

We have some wonderful teachers traveling to Artful Endeavors to hold seminars for us this year.

French Country chair

French Country chair

Our seminar with Ros Stallcup is almost full. There are just a few seats available. Contact Liz regarding availability.  Register now!



We still have a couple of seats available in our seminar with Mark Polomchak.

Kathie George and I are making plans for our Nov seminar. Sure to be exciting.

I’m Back and Inspired!

I’m back from business research/photo trip otherwise called vacation. We had a great time and I took lots of reference photos of waterfalls, water, clouds, and more. Now I’m inspired and ready to start painting something.

I’m here for classes to resume this week and we have lots happening in the next few weeks.
We’re working on the Dorothy Dent fall scene in our Wed classes, but have a workshop on this same design on Friday, 10-3p. If you have missed it let me know quickly so we can get you into the Fri workshop.

web-Autumn-Dorothy-Dent-finThen on Saturday is our Pet Portrait class with lots of pet enthusiasts ready to work on portraits. I’m looking forward to seeing all the animals take shape. I’ve seen the photos to approve them and we have some terrific designs about to happen.

Halloween weekend Mark Polomchak is coming to teach for our chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters, CADANC. So it’s an exciting watercolor weekend planned. There are still a couple of seats for Sat and Sun available if you would like to join us. Mark is awesome and this will be my first opportunity to paint with him.

116And then Kathie George is here, Nov 16, 17, & 18 for our seminar! Kathie is always such fun and she is always introducing us to new techniques and products. What in the heck do we do with sanded paper? Kathie will show. There are still a few seats available if you can join us. There’s more information on the web site and you can register there also.


Then we have more holiday painting coming up in Nov, a Santa, ornaments, watercolor, and silver! So plan to join us.
I’ll get the web site schedules updated this week so please check them for what’s happening before Christmas.

More later!

Wow, That Was Quick!

Our seminar with Susan Crouch is now full and I’m not surprised because Susan is such a wonderful, sharing artist. We had such a great time last May and learned so much.

And registrations for our seminar with Kathie George are coming in quickly.  Reserve your seat now so that you don’t miss out.  Register Now!


Susan Crouch Seminar April 2016

Registration is open for our seminar with Susan Crouch, April 28, 29, and 30, 2016!

Our 2015 seminar with Susan was wonderfully educational and we all learned a lot.  Our watercolor paintings turned out beautiful and we are excited to have Susan back with us for 2016.  Susan is a wonderful teacher and beautiful artist.

From our 2015 seminar

From our 2015 seminar

Susan Crouch Watercolor Workshops 2016

Level: Beginner with basic watercolor skills / Intermediate

With a focus on light and color, we will explore ideas for interpreting the subjects of nature in watercolor. You’ll learn a step-by-step approach for planning your composition that includes working with photos, creating a value pattern, and selecting colors for your painting. Possible projects include flowers, birds, or other animals. Drawings and reference photos are provided so you can paint along as I demonstrate – or if you prefer, bring you own reference material and paint the subject of your choice. Each year new demos are created to provide practical experience with various subjects and watercolor techniques.

More details.

Register Now!web-susan-and-Merry-K
Susan lives in North Carolina where she has been painting in watercolor for over 20 years. She is a signature member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina and her artwork has received numerous awards. Susan has created designs for the Dayspring Division of Hallmark Cards, and her paintings have been selected for publication in Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision and Splash 14: Light and Color (North Light Books)
Susan’s techniques are featured in her DVD, Painting in Living Color: Carolina Morning (Artist Palette Productions). In addition to teaching workshops, Susan has exhibited in juried outdoor art festivals throughout the Southeast.

Summer At Artful Endeavors

Summer is usually referred to as the time to be lazy. I’ll interpret lazy as a time to enjoy something for yourself, those activities that we often put off because we have to do this or that other thing. So far summer has been far from lazy here at Artful Endeavors, instead it has been full of special events, enjoying out of the ordinary painting occasions. And, there are more of these special times to come!


Liz Miller painted with Susan Crouch from her design

The end of May brought Susan Crouch with her in-depth watercolor workshop. We learned so much and painted so much. Every painting by our participants was lovely, no “need to do overs” in the lot. Of course we now understand how to go about creating our own similar designs, and that’s even better. And we have Susan scheduled for next spring! I’ll have details later for you.


Liz Miller painted with Susan Crouch from her design

DSC_1076 Susan-and-Liz web-susan-and-Merry-K

I’m editing more photos from the seminar and will have those to show you soon.

This week I’m off to a watercolor seminar, learning and increasing my skill. Maggie and I are headed to Charlotte to paint with Anne Abgott for a colorful 3 days of learning and painting. I’ve painted with Anne once before, before I knew much of anything about watercolors, and she is an excellent teacher. She loves vibrant color so her style is just fine for me. We’ll be mingling colors.
More when we return.

Seminars Coming Up

2015 is an exciting year for seminars at Artful Endeavors.  Four seminars/workshops and all with exciting instructors coming to share their expertise with us.

Grace: Gail Schmidt

Grace: Gail Schmidt

ArtFling with Gail Schmidt and me is happening very soon, in a little over a week actually. We always have such fun when Gail is here, nice messy, creative fun. Get ready to laugh a lot and wear an apron.

Live; Liz Miller CDA

Live; Liz Miller CDA


Then our watercolor seminar with Susan Crouch is just at the end of May.  Susan is looking forward to sharing with us and she is such a wealth of information.  Our seminar is full, prep sheets have been sent out and we are ready to paint.

In July Ros Stallcup is here and again the seminar is full with enthusiastic painters. Participants have their preps and photos are posted. The projects this year are extra wonderful. I can’t decide which one I like best and maybe I don’t have to decide because I’ll just paint all of them.

You can see the photos on Ros seminar page on this web site.

Kathie George plans to be here with us in Nov. Check back for an update a little later.


It’s Here, News About ArtFling!

Gail and Liz are joining their creative forces once again for our Spring ArtFling 2015.

We’ll bring you this mixed media fun on May 1 & 2, Friday and Sat, 9a-5p, 2015 so mark your calendars and plan to join us.

We have more exciting new ideas for projects, always something different and a little good crazy.

This is our fifth ArtFling, each one more fun than the last with projects that are always exciting and definitely imaginative. Many of our participants return each time for more inspiration and always want to know when the next ArtFling is planned . There’s room for you to go on this art journey with us so reserve your seat now.



Grace: Gail Schmidt

Grace: Gail Schmidt

More information!  Register Now!