Ros Stallcup Seminar at Artful Endeavors 2019

We’re excited that Ros is coming back to teach for us again in 2019. 

Dates are July 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2019


Register now for our summer 2019 4 day workshop with Ros Stallcup. We always have such fun learning from Ros as she teaches 4 entirely new projects.

This year we’ll work on 4 square canvases painting designs that can be used together as a collection or individually.

It’s a south east country collection with

a barn, porch, still life, and floral.

You can register for all 4 day now for a price break until March 1. $260 for the 4 days

after March 1 $280 for 4 days

Individual days will be available April 15.

Register Now!

Ros 4 days early registration: $260 

No deposits accepted.

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Artistic Mud Pies

As much fun as making mud pies!  Remember those day when you were a kid?  My Grandmother had a wonderful muddy area after the rain where I could create till my heart was content. Always exciting.

We’re adding a little something new to our painting adventures, Play Days.  On our play days we’ll gather to explore a new technique idea, new product, old idea revisited, or anything else we come up with.  I won’t do as much teaching as sharing our creative idea for the day and we’ll all experiment with this concept.  It’s always interesting to see how others develop their version of the same concept, product, or idea. Let’s share our creative spirits and explore our creativity.

Our first Play Day is Feb 28, Friday, 10a-2p. Creating masks for watercolor or acrylic washes.  We’ll use our original photos to create masks and use washes to bring out our design elements. Look for a photo or photos that you can easily reduce to black and white, only these two values. I’ll furnish the paints and the watercolor paper.  You bring your imaginations. All levels, experience not required to share our experience.

Register now!

You can see more detail in my previous post, Watercolor Moo………….

Cow Abstract watercolor

Cow Abstract watercolor

Sundaes and Sodas for Valentines

Our Feb Sundaes and Sodas workshop is scheduled for Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th,  which I thought was appropriate. This is one on my designs inspired from a set of ornament blanks that I found and a memory from my childhood.

Some of you already know that ice cream is my favorite food, especially chocolate. Unfortunately those day of indulging in this long time favorite (ice cream gene inherited from my Father and chocolate gene from my Mother) are just memories now; however, there is no reason that I can’t paint those delicious memories.  I grew up in Salisbury NC, the birth place of Cheerwine!, a cherry flavored soft drink, and another of my childhood, and still, favorites.

So put together the ornament blanks (which were suppose to be coffees and I’m not a coffee drinker), the ice cream, and cherry soda and I had these fun Sundaes and Sodas, in acrylic of course.

I love them and hope you do too.  By the way, they won a ribbon at the 2013 NC State Fair as you can see.

Register at least 1 week prior to class and come by the studio to pick up your ornament blanks. I have just a few sets left.

Sodas and Sundaes

Sodas and Sundaes

Jan Update

Doorway 1

Doorway 1

Just a few update notes for you. I need to get back to some painting.

  • As you know we missed a Tue class for the weather so be sure to check the changed dates for classes.
  • We’re enjoying our Wed day, Doorway class so much that we’ve decided to add another week for a second door, The Blue Doorway. So be sure to check these dates also. Those of you who missed this week’s class can come next Wed for the first week of your doorway class.
  • We’ve added a class to our Wed evening schedule, Side-loading 202.  A good opportunity for a refresher. Plan to join us on Feb 5th.
  • I’m adding more workshop and “Play Day” classes. Be sure to check for these. What’s a play day? Check the workshop schedule.
  • Be sure to check the seminar info for our July seminar with Ros!  Mark your calendar and register now.
  • Paints are restocked and the rack is full. I also received a shipment of canvases and art boards.
  • I’ve received a shipment from DecoArt of their new Chalky Finish Paints and new stencils.  These new 2014 products are not available for purchase yet, so we are favored to have them to play with this quick.  And they are wonderful.  Classes are planned to explore them. Ros will be using some of them in her seminar projects too.
  • Gail Schmidt was asked by DecoArt to design some mixed media projects for them and for us. The first of these using DecoArt products is on their web site now!
    Check it out!
  • And lastly, please remember to pay/register for your class at least a week prior to the class. You’ll receive your prep when I receive your class fee.  If people don’t pay they don’t have a tendency to show up for the class.  Thanks much.


Lots of Owls

I’ve really been into painting owls this year. Fortunately so have many of our painters, so we’ve had some fun painting owls together. First there were the ornaments, then the snow owl. Here is our latest in our owl collection. This time a more realistic painting. My wonderful students created a whole flock of fluffy owls.

Barred owls by my talented students.

Barred owls by my talented students.


This beautiful design was by Sue Beckerton in Paint Works, Feb 2013.



Pumpkin and Crow

Once a month I visit a health and rehab center to do a painting demo for the residents. I had always wanted to provide some service for our older population and when this opportunity found me, I was pleased to share my painting with them.  I enjoy seeing and interacting with the residents.  My regular attendees help me decide what to paint and colors to use as we discuss past times, seasons, events, or what ever evolves from our getting together. It doesn’t’ hurt the attendance that my demo is right before Bingo.


This painting evolved from one of my 20min, upside down paintings (so they can see what I’m painting).  I like it so much that I’m offering it as a 3 hr workshops in Oct, on 10/11, 10a-1p, and on Sunday, 10/27, 1p-4p for those who can’t attend during the weekday.


Plan to join us and register now!


Pumpkin and Crow

Pumpkin and Crow