Where Did It Go?

It’s been a busy summer around here! It’s hard to believe that summer is in it’s last half and autumn is peaking around the corner. We’re scheduling fall projects and planning for our holiday and Christmas painting!

Many of our painters have been in and out of classes this summer with vacations, and visitors, so scheduling upcoming classes has been a little slow. And, I’m sure you won’t be surprised, we change our collective mind. I am in the process of updating the class schedules now so keep checking back to see what’s coming.

Winter Lighthouse

Winter Lighthouse, a Keith Sluder design

We’ve just finished with our seminar with Ros Stallcup and it was even more terrific this year. All the paintings turned wonderful. We met with old friends and made new ones as happens each year. Our participants helped us come up with some ideas for next year, too. It’s always fun each spring to see what Ros created from our basic ideas each year as she paints entirely new projects for us. We’ll just have to wait to find out, and it’s always a surprise.  We have dates for 2017 so mark your calendars for July 19-22, 2017 and plan to join us. Seats this year filled up quickly so keep checking back for more details.

2016 Ros Stallcup Seminar

2016 Ros Stallcup Seminar

Our seminar with Mark Polomchak is coming up next, Oct 7-9. There are a couple of seats available for all 3 days. On Aug 1, next Mon, single seats will be available so if you want to participate for the 3 days, contact me this week. If you are looking for a single day, contact me next week before the seats are gone.  Pay balance or register now.

11253742_10153254406712898_3578189492983362431_nI’ll have news for you on our seminar with Kathie George very soon. I’m in the process of selecting projects from some new exciting painting from Kathie. Check back just a little later.


Seminar Updates!

Amer Geese

Ros: American Country

Seminar Updates:

English Country

Ros: English Country

Ros Stallcup; seminar if full. Photos and paint lists are posted. We’re excited and ready to paint.
Mark Polomchak: Oct 7-9, We’re almost full.


Mark P: Hummingbird

Single day for any remaining seats begins Aug 1.
Kathie George: Nov 14-16, Kathie is just now back in the country and we’ll have our projects chosen soon. Registration will open soon!

Kathie G: Houmas House

Kathie G: Houmas House

Watch for more exciting workshops next year. I’m in the planning process now.


Looking Back

I’ve been looking back at some of the photos of our past ArtFlings with Gail Schmidt and myself.  We had lots of fun and played with lots of different techniques and products. You can see some of our past adventures in our photos.


Gail is now working with enamels and creating jewelry which does not travel well and is not practical for a painting workshop. However you can see her wonderful jewelry creations at Shabby Cottage Adorned, and on Face book.

Shabby Cottage Adorned

Shabby Cottage Adorned

I’ve Been Noticing….

The trees…  The spring trees, especially this year after so much rain, are so lush and such varied greens. This is a great time to take reference photos. Noticing the shapes, lights and darks, and how the trunk and branches peaking through the foliage help us to understand the structure and how to portray this in our artwork. See how the line of trees catch the light, how the shadows give shape, volume, and depth to the grouping of trees.

Down the street

Down the street


What greens are we seeing? What colors do we see in the lights and the darks? Could we use colors other than greens to create our trees?

I took photos outside my studio in Raleigh so you can find trees willing to pose for you most anywhere.

The forest and the lake view were from my recent trip to PA to teach for a wonderful group of painters. web-WVA-mtsWhat a terrific opportunity to see lots and lots of beautiful trees while traveling by car through WVa, Va, and NC.


Summersville Lake, W Va

Get your camera out and do some seeing.

Outside the Sawmill Studio

Outside the Sawmill Studio



Seminars at Artful Endeavors

We have some wonderful teachers traveling to Artful Endeavors to hold seminars for us this year.

French Country chair

French Country chair

Our seminar with Ros Stallcup is almost full. There are just a few seats available. Contact Liz regarding availability.  Register now!



We still have a couple of seats available in our seminar with Mark Polomchak.

Kathie George and I are making plans for our Nov seminar. Sure to be exciting.

Let’s Have Some Painting Fun

Acrylic Painting Play Day!  Introduction to Acrylic Painting

Waiting to Hatch 8 x 10"

Waiting to Hatch
8 x 10″

June 7, Tue am 10a-1p  or June 8, Wed pm 6p-9p


Join us for a fun session of acrylic painting. I’ll have all the supplies and surface ready for you to paint our Waiting To Hatch, bird’s nest.

No experience is necessary, just the desire to learn some painting techniques and have fun. I’ll teach this project in a step by step manner that is easy to follow.

Bring a friend or several and let’s enjoy a morning or evening of painting.

Register Now!

Artful Spring

What a beautiful day with the sun shining and a nice breeze. I’ve been taking reference photo of the flowers beginning to bloom in our yard…. painting inspiration…..

We’ve been busy at the studio. This past weekend CADANC chapter of SDP had a seminar with Patty Stouffer and what fun they had. I painted a loose daffodil with them on Friday and enjoyed exercising my loose self. I was so glad to meet Patty and now have another painting friend! Love having these travel teachers visit to teach for us.

We’ve been working on the schedules and have new, exciting classes planned. Now I just need to get busy on painting samples so that you can see what’s coming.web-rose

* Tue am class: We have not had the attendance for the Tue am class so I am going to take a break on Tue am. No class on Tue am May, June, July, and Aug. I’ll reevaluate at the end of the summer. This way I can schedule workshops on Tue am or use the time to paint.

Right now our Wed classes are small enough that anyone wanting to make up a class or work on an individual project can join us on Wed. Just let me know when you want to come. You can come 10-12:30p, 1-3:30, or 4p-6p.
I have updated the class schedules on the web site so be sure to check. I plan to post a newsy letter about once a month and try to not take up so much time on the computer. Watch the web site and Face Book for photos and updates.
I still have seats in our seminars with Ros Stallcup and Mark Polomchak. Details are on the web site. I just sent out the Mark Polomchak info. again.
Check out my on line classes at Creative Workshops. Cat’s Eyes and Sunning Turtles are new this year. I you can’t come to the studio to paint with me, this in a great option
Our seminar with Susan Crouch is next week! All participants should have received an email from me and one from Susan with a pattern. Let me know if you didn’t receive it. Be sure to check you spam folder first.
We have more watercolor classes coming up. Come join us. Check the web site for our schedules.
We have a portrait workshop with me scheduled for May 19 and 20th. If you would like to join us, find a photo that you would like to use and contact me by May 2. I’ll work with you on any level of experience, beginning portrait artist are welcome. It’s fun!
We have the John Gutcher Santa scheduled for May 26 and 27. And hope that the weather is good and we are all well and can finally have this class. Let me know if you can join us.

Class Schedule:
Tue 6:15p-8:15p Cary
Wed 10 – 2p. Raleigh
Wed 4-6p. Raleigh

Workshops and Seminars as scheduled.

DSC 0051

I have the new DecoArt paint colors and some of the new products at the studio!
Beautiful colors!

No classes Wed Apr 27, that next week. We’ll be getting ready for our seminar with Susan!

No Tue am class Apr 26th. No Tue am classes May – Aug.

Hope to see you painting with us soon.


Fantasy Flower Patricia Reichenbach design

Fantasy Flower
Patricia Reichenbach design

I Can’t See It!

When you are painting from a photo, especially for a portrait or pet portrait, you want to be able to see good detail.  Your painting is only as good as your photographic detail. We don’t want you to struggle to see detail as you paint.  And I can’t just make it up for you no matter how talented you think I am.

Sharp detail.

Sharp detail.

Most cameras are set to deliver sharp photos. If your photo is blurred it may be operator error. I see many snapshots that are less than clear. These may be terrific for capturing a special moment but they are not adequate for a painting reference.  Make sure you get a sharp, clear photo.

Not clear when enlarged. Won't be able to get a good pattern or see detail for painting.

Not clear when enlarged. Won’t be able to get a good pattern or see detail for painting.

If you are using a photo from a mobile phone or tablet make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution. You need photos with good detail for reference.

Photos need to be at least 240 dpi at a size that you can use for your design. Or at least high enough resolution you can enlarge in a print to use for a pattern.  If when you print your photo the size is not large enough to see detail for your pattern you are in trouble from the start. Newer mobile phones, especially Samsung, make wonderful photos at the high resolution setting.

When we are painting portraits from a photo I will ask to approve your photo to make sure you are not struggling as you paint. We want the painting to be fun.

New Beginnings

I’m offering new Basics Classes starting March 1!

Basic Techniques Yellow Daisy clock Session 1

Basic Techniques
Yellow Daisy clock
Session 1

It’s time to get some more of our potential painters started on their art journey.  Pass the word, let everyone know, and we’ll take them step by step through the basic techniques. You’ll find more details here: details.

Classes start:

Tue am, 10a-12:30p, March 8, 15, 22, and 29. 

Register now! Tue am, $130 (4 wks), supplies $75    Basics in Decorative Painting  $130 

Basic supplies. $75


Wed pm, 6p-8:30p, March 9, 16, 23, and 30

Register now!  Wed pm, $130 (4 wks), supplies $75    Basics in Decorative Painting  $130 

Basic supplies. $75