What are Brushos?


When Kathie George said the we could do a project with Brushos I had no idea what she was talking about. So I had to investigate.

Brusho Crystal Colours are highly pigmented ink-powders that can be used like watercolors, sprinkled on to a damp surface to burst into color, and many other ways. They are fun to work with and can result in some exciting effects.


Brusho Crystal Colour

And yes, that is a push pen stuck in the top of each lid. It’s a great tip for sprinkling the powders so you don’t have to take the top off of the concentrated powders. Take the push pen out and sprinkle.

Here’s a sample that we painted with Kathie, who is always bringing us some new and exciting product and/or technique.

sheep with brushos

Kathie’s Sheep A Kathie George design

When I received my Brushos (wow! exciting!) I had to experiment. So, after I had explored YouTube a little ( I was too excited about my own explorations to spend too much time watching others) I tried dampening watercolor paper and sprinkling.



Brusho on wet surface

And of course I had to check out each color.  Then I sprinkled first and spritzed with water.

Another Wow!  Then I made marks in it with my stylus, then tried some salt.


Sprinkle then spritz

And then I tried a combo with specific colors, Red of course. I think this would make a beautiful background for something.


Reds with Brusho

OK, then I had to try something like Kathie’s sheep, but cats!


Brusho cats

OK, interesting. I usually overdo at first. Maybe a little less sprinkling the next time.  Now I want to perfect my Brusho cat technique. That means more playing. Hummm…  What next.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

I encourage you to try Brushos. There are lots about them on line and on YouTube so check them out and have fun.

Warning: Brushos can become habit forming.


Ros is Painting What? When?


We’re excited that Ros is coming back to teach for us again in 2017. 

We’ll be celebrating 20 years of painting with Ros at Artful Endeavors!

Dates are July 19, 20, 21, & 22, 2017DSC_0214

During our seminar last July we collected project ideas for this year’s seminar from last year’s students. Now Ros has our ideas and it is always exciting to see her creations fill out these ideas and become works of art.

Read More…

2017 Seminar and Workshops!

Our seminar schedule for this year has come together with some exciting teachers returning. Plan ahead, mark your calendars, and register soon.

July 19-22: Ros Stallcup. Our all new projects have been chosen and registration is open. Register Now

August 26-28: Mark Polomchak. We’ll choose our projects a little later, however, registration is open. Register Now.

November 13-15: Kathie George. We’ll have more information later in the year but you know it’s going to be exciting.


Upcoming Workshops


Feb 3: Batik. 10a-3p. Choose your design and join us for a day of batik.

MythFeb 24: Paint-N-Party. 6p-9p Once again we will paint our own cats. This class is a benefit for Purr Partners. If you missed it the first time here we are again. Bring a photo of your cat and a bottle of wine if you would like. We’ll provide the instruction and the fun. Register now.

March 3, 4, & 5: 10a-4p. Portrait Workshop. Join us to learn about painting a portrait. Bring a photo of someone you would like to paint. We’ll work on creating a likeness. More details.DSC_0145

March 24: Colored Pencil. Watch for details.

Watch for more workshops this winter and spring. Plan to join us.

Snow In and Feeling Artsy

We had a winter storm recently and I ended up staying in the house for 3 days. But I was prepared. I had my colored pencil supplies with me and a computer full of cat photos. So I curled up on the couch with my cat photo, my paper and pencils, and a cat or 3 posing for me. And just had fun creating.


Batik It!


Join us for a day of batik adventure.  Feb 3, 10a-3p.

Choose a batik pattern from those available at the studio or order from Kathie George, our batik guru,  directly. All levels of experience are appropriate.

Wax pans, wax, wax brushes provided.sm_flightcrew2

Register Now!




My Snowfall class is now on Creative Workshops! You can register for it now and the class goes active Feb 6th.

I really enjoyed learning how to create the misty snow effect and the depth in this painting and look forward to sharing with you.



The class includes 14 videos, 10-15″ in length where I talk you through the entire painting as I demonstrate. You receive photograph, written instructions, and pattern.  I will repeat any of the directions as many times as you would like to rewind me.

Classes on Creative Workshops are available on line 24/7, and do not have an end date.

Register now!

Join me for some painting fun.  Liz

Winter is Here

Winter Skies
Liz Miller CDA

And we’ve had our first postponed class before we even got started. But that’s what happens in a NC winter.

Our Tue evening Cary class will begin next week instead of this week. So there’s still time to join us in painting the Winter Skies. Register now.

Keep a check on the schedule for any changes through out the winter.

Winter Skies Liz Miller CDA

Winter Skies
Liz Miller CDA

Weather Will Happen

NC weather in the winter is always unpredictable and this weekend has turned out so iffy that I am going to cancel the Back to Painting Party.
I just don’t want anyone out on the roads if it is not safe and rather than have to make a last minute decision, I have just made one.

No Party this Sunday, Jan 8. Don’t come to the studio. I won’t be here.

Let me know if you will be coming to one of our classes. You can register on the web site and I’ll send prep. I’ll look forward to seeing you next week!


Paint a Happy New Year 2017!

Winter Skies Liz Miller CDA

Winter Skies
Liz Miller CDA

Welcome to 2017! I hope you had a holiday season filled with family, friends, and holiday fun. And now it’s time to look forward to the new year with all it’s possibilities.

2016 was a busy year for us filled with lots of new painting techniques and creativity in our weekly classes and workshops. We had four seminars with wonderful instructors bringing us various new ideas and techniques, and bringing students from around the state and beyond. We’ve stretched our abilities, tried new concepts, succeeded and failed, and learned from all.
Did you see our pictorial review of 2016 on the blog?

At Artful Endeavors I’ve had 3 weeks off from class that have sped by all to quickly. I’ve worked on the web site, updated schedules, explored some new painting ideas, and taken some needed time off for family and relaxing. And now I’m preparing for our 2017 classes.


This year at Artful Endeavors we have some exciting exploration planned: more acrylics of course, more watercolors, learning about new products and their possibilities, pushing our artistic and painting knowledge, and just having fun with our art and fellow artists. We are scheduling some time for painting scarves, batik, portraits, pet portraits, and original “paint your own” projects. And more seminars with Ros Stallcup, Mark Polomchak, and Kathie George! Be sure to keep checking the schedule for updates.

As you know our winter weather in NC is somewhat unpredictable so watch the blog for class changes due to weather. Our painting time is important but more important is keeping our painters safe and off the roads if the weather conditions are unsafe. I’ll post any class postponements that day and schedule adjustments as needed.

Let’s get ready for some painting in 2017!

And Then There Were the Seminars


Highlights of the year always include our seminar with some awesome visiting instructors. This year we had Susan Crouch, Ros Stallcup, Mark Polomchak, and Kathie George here to share their knowledge and wisdom with us.  Enjoy the photos.