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While I was playing working from home the last couple of snow days, the cats and I have had fun with some photo art. At least I had fun. The cats mostly slept through the fun.  My actual camera was at the studio so I was ,or was it elevated, to taking photos with my Samsung S4. Who knew I could do so much fun stuff with my phone’s camera and editor.  Well here they are.  I’m ready to do some more of this photo art.



Up Close.

Up Close.

Did someone call me?

Did someone call me?

Snow Cat

Snow Cat

More Snow!

It’s coming, the snow that is.  Wake county schools are closing for today and my inclement weather policy is no classes if the schools are closed.

There are no classes Tue or Wed at Artful Endeavors.  I want everyone to be off the roads and safe.

However, I will be at the studio from 9a-12noon if anyone wants to come in this Tues am to paint, or doesn’t check the web site.

Your homework is to draw or paint something. Study the snow, the shadows, the colors,

web snow fence

A quick easy and fun snow scene.

how it looks coming down. Take reference photos.  Sketch that thing in the yard with snow all over it.  Bring it in next week and show me what you did.   Take an online class.  My Mastering Decorative Painting Basics part 2 on Creative Workshops goes over side loading techniques. Always a good review. Or you might find another class that strikes your fancy. My Drawing Faces would be a great class.  Just do something artsy.  I’ll look forward to hearing about it next week.

Stay warm, dry, and mostly safe while you enjoy the snow.  It should be beautiful.


Here Kitty, Kitty

Jan is flying by at the studio with lots to paint, the shop to stock, and best of all, students returning from the holidays.  We’re well into our Jan class schedule with enthusiasm and plenty of ideas for upcoming projects. I have the best-est students ever.

Morning ride has and is turning out awesome, each students adding their own flavor to the painting.  We’re still working on the painting in Cary and I’m looking forward to their finished painting, some of them quite excitingly large.

Our Raleigh group is starting the first in our Doorway series. Some of the student are painting my design but some of them will be designing their own doorway painting.  I hope more will join them in the next of our doorways.

Our Nesting mixed media turned out awesome. Lots of personal touches there.  Thought you might like to see some of the student’s paintings.  This design was lots of creative fun.

Nesting, students painting

Nesting, students painting

CADANC, Capital Area Decorative Artists NC, meet at the studio for their first meeting of 2014. It was so nice to see everyone and share a painting experience. Susan T was our teacher and she did a wonderful job of instructing us in painting a pet. Well you all know that this is one of my favorite painting subjects and I was enthused.  It took me most of the month to decide on which cat photo from which to paint.  After making a couple of choices and printing them, at the last minute I changed my mind and chose another, just like choosing from the menu at a restaurant if the server gives you too much time to make up your mind.  I did love my final decision, George again.  He was so photogenic, a green eyed handsome fellow.  Here he is. I was very pleased and am ready to paint another of my earlier choices, but class project need to come first.

What Up George?

What Up George?

OK I need to move over to my painting table where I have projects waiting to be started. I’m off to paint.





2014 Back to Painting Party

On Jan 5th we’ll have our New Year’s Welcome Back To Painting Party, Sunday from 2p – 5p.

And you are invited. 

We’ll have tasty treats to share, a short fun painting project to enjoy, friends to visit, one of my paintings to raffle, and registration for classes. 

Bring a treat, family, and a friend or two to celebrate painting in 2014 with us.

 If you plan to paint our white rabbit pin with us be sure to let me know so I can be prepared for you.

 $5 covers surface, supplies, and paints.  No experience needed so bring your friends and family.

We’ll start painting at 2:30p

Registration required.

White Rabbit

web vase of roses

Vase of Roses

Vase of Roses painted by Liz Miller CDA




You are not required to be present to win but you’ll need to come back to pick up your painting or pay postage for mailing.

Special on On Line Classes For Dec

During the month of Dec I’m gifting you with 15% off on all my on line classes. 

You can check out my classes on our on-line class page right here on my web site, or you can go directly to Creative Workshops to register and take advantage of my gift to you.

Drawing Faces

Drawing Faces

Sign up for Creative Workshops’ newsletter to get the details and latest on-line class news.

Watch for my new on-line classes coming up after the first of the year. Now I’ve told you about my new classes so I had better get busy taping them.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I’ll see you back for our New Year of Painting Party on Jan 5th.

Check out the special offers at Creative Workshops going on right now!

Finishing Up Our 2013 Classes

I hope you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving days and feasting. I did.  My creative juices are renewed and now I’m ready for more painting.

Santa on the Moon

Santa on the Moon

We have 2 more weeks left of painting in 2013.  Here’s what we have for our

2 wk classes for Dec 4 and 11.

Wed, 10a – 2p. Santa on the Moon. Here’s the delightfully popular Helan

Barrick Santa the I’ve taught many times over the years. Now is the chance for any of you who haven’t painted him yet to do so.  $84

Winter Path

Winter Path

Wed, 5:00p – 7:30p.  Winter Path.  A new design for us by Angela Anderson from Paint Works. 

Loose and fun.  $56.


 Tue am open class is still happening Dec 3 & 10, 10a – 12:30, for you to finish up those last minute projects.  Let me know if you plan to join us.

 Tue evening class in Cary is finishing up our Dorothy Dent, Mill design on Tue Dec 3, 10, & 17.  We plan to be back at the salon next week.

 Mark your calendar for Jan 5, our New Year’s Welcome Back to Painting Party, 2p – 5p.  We’ll have class samples, a fun quick project to paint, food, one of my paintings raffled, and lots of fellowship.  Always a good way to start the new year. 

 We’re working on the class schedule now and I’ll have that for you soon with lots of fun new painting ideas and some of our favorites.  We have a couple of workshops already planned.

Jan 25, 10-4p.  Poppies Watercolor. This is the painting that you have been waiting for.

Feb 14, 10-2p.  Sodas and Sundaes. Here are my ornaments that took a ribbon at the state fair this past Oct. Just in right for Valentine’s Day.

 I’ll have more of our 3 hr workshops too for those of you who appreciated finishing your painting in one class. Always fun and lively.

 Join us in Dec and help pull our Jan/Feb schedule together. I’ll see you soon.


The Winner!

The winner of my 3 class basic techniques series on Creative Workshops is Elaine Allen!

Congratulations Elaine and thanks for your interest in my classes.  I’ll be sending you an email.

Mastering Decorative Painting Basics Part

Mastering Decorative Painting Basics Part

Thanks to all of you who participated in our exciting blog party. You can still take a class with me at Creative Workshops, so hop on over there and register.  I’ll be looking for your name on my registered list.




We’re Having a Blog Party for Our New Creative Workshops Site

Have you every been to a blog party? Well this will be my first one. Our new, wonderful Creative Workshops site where I have my on line classes, along with many other terrific teachers, is have a grand opening blog party. If you participate you could be the fortunate winner or one or more free classes.

Mastering Decorative Painting Basics part 3

Mastering Decorative Painting Basics part 3

Each teacher is giving away one of their classes for free to a lucky commenter!

The way to win is to leave a comment on any teacher’s blog post with this message. You’ll will be entered for a random drawing for a free class from that teacher.

The idea of the list is that you can follow the party trail from blog to blog, leaving a comment on each blog you visit, therefore increasing your chances of winning a free class from one of the teachers you leave a comment for! Now how cool is that?!

Every class giveaway will be different because the teachers are generously each giving away one of their own classes. Gosh, maybe a really lucky commenter could win multiple free classes!! Now THAT

would be awesome for the winner wouldn’t it!  Stranger things have been known to happen. 🙂

My free is class is actually all three of my Mastering the Basics of Decorative Painting classes!  You get the whole series.

See my on line classes.

To win the opportunity for a free class from me you must leave a comment on this post and only this post. It helps me keep track of everyone. The party runs Sept. 23-Sept.29. I will use a random number generator to choose the lucky winner and announce the name Monday Sept 30.

Once you leave your comment on my post then from the list below choose the next blog you have not visited and leave a comment on their blog post. Each blog will have this list so you can move through the party leaving your trails of comments everywhere and increasing your chances of a FREE CLASS!

Go, go, go…tell your friends!!!!


This is a fabulous list!

Sara Naumann

Cat Kerr

Jodi Ohl 

Nancy Lefko

Cathy Bluteau

Mechelle Harrison

Elizabeth Johnson

Terri Heinz

Gaye Medbury

Dawn Meisch

Ann Butler

Gail Schmidt

Marilyn Harris-Mills

Nellie Wortman

Martha Lever